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The Lannahechee River is a river in Red Dead Redemption 2 that borders the east side of Roanoke Ridge and crosses the Lemoyne territory which exits to Flat Iron Lake.

The river is located to the south and east of Lemoyne, and runs from north east of Annesburg into the Flat Iron Lake. The smaller Kamassa River runs into it just west of Saint Denis.


  • The Lannahechee River seems to be based on the real world Mississippi River. If so, it's possible that the Lannahechee continues north into the Red Dead universe's version of Minnesota.
  • Located in the Lannahechee River is the Sisika Penitentiary, a prison situated on a small island.
  • There are two ways to pronounce the name of the river. One way is "Lah-na-hass-ee", commonly used by Americans and characters with a strong southern accent, like Arthur Morgan. Another way is "Lah-na-chee-chee", which is commonly used by characters with a foreign accent, like Javier Escuella. Arthur and Javier speak about this discrepancy in one of the fishing missions.


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