Let's see if we can put that new lasso of yours to good use.

Bonnie MacFarlane to John Marston

The Lasso is a loop of rope that is designed to be thrown around a target and tightened when pulled.


The lasso in both Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2. It is used for catching and taming wild horses, for lassoing people and to hogtie criminals to take them to jail for a bounty reward. The player can also lasso criminals around the waist or feet and drag them while riding a horse. The player is unable to use the lasso while on a train.


In Redemption, the lasso is obtained during the mission "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions".

In Redemption 2, the lasso is provided during the mission "Old Friends" then will available to the player thereafter.

The lasso is not available in multiplayer. The associated weapon slot is empty in the weapon wheel. However, it is available to all players in Red Dead Online after finishing the first mission.

In both games, it cannot be obtained with cheats.


To use the lasso, aim and 'fire' it, like any other weapon, though there is an important distinction: the player must continue to hold the aim button, otherwise, the target will be released.

Aiming the lasso above the target extends the lasso range further than the auto-aim targeting allows.

Pressing the fire button while still holding the aim button to keep the lasso extended allows the player to reel in the rope, dragging the victim towards them. When trying to break horses, this can cause the horse to rear up, giving the player a few seconds to run up and mount it.

It can also be used in herding cattle, when having trouble getting the cattle through the gates.


  • Similar to tame horses, the player can lasso and lead cattle, domesticated goats, and mules. They cannot be hogtied. However, Mountain Goats or Bighorn Sheep cannot be roped.
  • The player is able to lasso  dogs, bears, wolves and cougars, but they cannot be dragged, hogtied, or even moved. However, it will briefly stun them, which can prove useful for Master Hunter challenges that require the knife. Lassoing a dog will cause it to attack you.
  • The player is able to lasso deer as well, but they cannot be dragged. If you lasso a deer on foot (or dismount after lassoing on horseback) the deer will bolt, causing Marston to lose his grip on the deer and fall over.
  • The player can lasso a wild horse, and this is essential in attempting to capture and break one. However, you must act quickly because an agitated horse can drag you and break free of your grip. To prevent this, while holding L2/LT keep pressing R2/RT to yank on the rope and cause the horse to rear and therefore not move away.
  • Tamed horses, when lassoed, will follow your lead at a trot.
  • Just before hogtying a bounty, whistle for your horse first so he is near as you must be very quick to get him on your horse and get moving towards the nearest town, as the bounty's gang members will be on your trail very quickly.
  • The lasso can be used to get down cliffs, though it is not very safe. Stop your horse next to the edge, step away from your horse a distance less than the height of the cliff and lasso it. Then, walk over the edge. Your survival depends on the length of the rope and the smoothness of the cliff face.
  • Though meant to be a non lethal tool, it is still possible to accidentally (or on purpose) kill your victim. Dragging someone behind your horse rather than placing them on the rump will eventually kill them. Winding them in for too long or getting them caught on objects can actually cause a target to suffocate from the pressure of the ropes.
  • There has been one occurrence that, when lasso was used on a person, then switching weapons the person will be stuck on the ground, it will continue if you don't restart.
  • If a bounty target is lassoed and the lasso is released, the target may remain on the ground and not be able to be lassoed again.
  • When putting the lasso away or taking it out while wearing the Gentleman's Attire outfit, the lasso will clip through the modified duster coat (as well, the lasso cannot be seen, as the player's hand will clip through the white coat while reaching for it.)
  • Dead Eye can be used with the lasso equipped. Similar to the throwing knives, Dead Eye can give the lasso a 'homing' feature when a single target has been marked. Unfortunately - unlike the throwing knives - it does not significantly raise the length of the lasso's reach.
  • If the player lassos a panicked bull, if they do not immediately fall over, they may "surf" behind the bull at high speeds, albeit with no control over its direction.



Red Dead Redemption

5 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Place a hogtied woman on the train tracks, and witness her death by train.

10 gamerscoreGamerscore
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