For the Red Dead Redemption variant, see LeMat Revolver.

The LeMat Revolver is a weapon featured in Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2.


The LeMat is a cap and ball revolver with a single-shot, smooth bore barrel of buckshot beneath the main barrel. Its damage and accuracy are on par with the Schofield Revolver and superior to that of both the Double-action and Cattleman revolvers. However, its rate of fire is slower than both the Double-action and Cattleman revolvers, as is the reload speed. Its reload speed is perhaps its main flaw, being slower than any other sidearm, which is exacerbated whilst dual-wielding.


In Red Dead Redemption 2, the LeMat Revolver can be purchased from the gunsmith in Saint Denis after the mission A Fine Night of Debauchery.

In Online, the revolver can also be purchased from any gunsmith or from the handheld catalogue that the Online protagonist carries on-hand.


  • The LeMat Revolver is the only weapon in the Redemption saga to feature a secondary firing mode. Players can alternate between revolver ammunition and shotgun ammunition at their leisure.
  • At $317, the LeMat is the most expensive revolver in both Redemption 2 and Online.
  • Despite being a cap and ball revolver, the reload animation for the LeMat is the same as the other in-game revolvers, which are cartridge firing revolvers. The same mistake was seen in the previous game's model.



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