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Lee is a minor character featured in Red Dead Online.



Lee is a resident of Manzanita Post who works with U.S. Marshal Tom Davies.

Events of Red Dead Online

Lee has tracked down where the Del Lobo gang are located and is seen waiting at the Manzanita Post. He informs Davies that Alfredo Montez knows that he and Davies are looking for him and that the woods are crawling with a bunch of Montez 's men, who are patrolling the area. Tom tells Lee and the player's posse to take care of Del Lobo gang as he can not kill Montez without evidence. Lee then guides the player's posse to where the Del Lobo gang is located.

After taking out the patrolling gang members or sneaking past them, the player‘s posse and Lee eventually arrive at Swadbass Point, where the Del Lobos are camping. A shootout occurs and Del Lobos are killed. Lee tells the player's posse that he will look for Alfredo Montez's corpse before leaving the area. Lee eventually find a body that seems to be Alfredo Montez and Lee suggests instead of carry the body to cut off the head of the corpse. He pulls out his knife and mutilates the body. Lee and the player's posse head back to the Manzanita Post. Lee shows Davies the head, but Davies informs Lee that he and the player's posse had killed Alfredo's brother Jorge instead. Lee is disappointed, but Davies pays them anyway. Lee then throws away Jorge's head.

Mission appearances

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