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The Legend of the Apocalypse Outfit is an outfit featured in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC pack. It is unlocked after all Level 5 Challenges are complete.


It looks similar to the Legend of the West Outfit with a number of changes:

  • There is no vest and the shirt is unbuttoned.
  • The outfit does not feature the bandolier, whereas the 'Legend of the West Outfit' does.
  • The gloves are gone, and Marston is wearing a rosary and a red pirate-style sash around his waist similar to the one worn by Landon Ricketts.
  • His belt has been replaced by another with a more ornate belt buckle.
  • The black duster coat is considerably more worn, with a large tear on the right shoulder and multiple holes along the frayed bottom.
  • The outfit has multiple blood stains, and Marston's face is dirty similar to the Treasure Hunter Outfit, with the addition of blood on the right side of his face.
  • Marston's Trousers/Pants hang over the boots, rather than being tucked inside.
  • Most noticeable is the larger feathered hat replacing Marston's normal hat.

The outfit's name changes from "Legend of the Apocalypse" to "Legend of the Undead" after completion of Undead Nightmare.

This outfit also increases the duration of phosphorus bullets.

In-game description

  • Legend of the Apocalypse --- "As a Legend of the Apocalypse, your phosphorus treatment lasts longer."
  • Legend of the Undead --- "Nnnrrguuuuuh"


  • After Undead Nightmare is completed, this is the only outfit available to Marston that has a hat.
  • After Undead Nightmare is completed, this is the only outfit that does not feature gloves.
  • The outfit sort of resembles that of Hugh Jackman's character in the movie Van Helsing.
  • The cover for the undead western game Deadlands bears a striking resemblance.
  • This outfit is the Undead Nightmare counterpart of the Legend of the West Outfit, with both of them looking similar and being unlocked by completing all ambient challenges. 


  • xbox360xbox360 ps3ps3 If the Legend of the Apocalypse outfit is not unlocked before completion of the DLC, the menu entry for the outfit may disappear and will not appear when looked for in the outfit menu. To remedy this, simply complete level 5 of a challenge and it will be added.[verified]
  • ps3ps3 If the invincibility cheat is enabled, the player is wearing this outfit, and the player is lethally close to dynamite, the player's rifle holder will disappear.[verified]
  • xbox360xbox360 If the player wears this outfit and completes the campaign, then Undead Marston will come out of his grave wearing this outfit.[verified]


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