The Legend of the East outfit is an unlockable outfit in Red Dead Redemption 2.


The outfit consists of a white big valley hat, a light red shotgun coat, a dark grey scarf, black & brown cavalry gloves, white striped pants, black half chaps, black deluxe relentless boots, and brown & yellow vaquero deluxe spurs. It also comes with its own unique gun belt and two holsters.

The outfit is the only one in the game to provide protection in every temperature, so it can be worn everywhere without issues.


The outfit is unlocked by completing every ambient challenge in Red Dead Redemption II. As such, it can only be unlocked and worn legitimately by John Marston.

In earlier versions of the game glitches could be used to take Arthur Morgan to New Austin which allowed players to obtain the outfit before the epilogue, but most of these methods have since been patched out.


Once unlocked, the player is also given several bonus perks. They are not tied to the outfit, and will be applied even if clothing is changed.

  • Weapon condition +10%
  • Money looted +10%
  • Melee damage taken -10%
  • Damage on horseback taken -10%
  • Eagle Eye duration +5 seconds
  • All cores drain 10% slower and gain 10% bonus experience


  • The unique scarf cannot be equipped at will and will disappear if any clothing (besides the hat) is changed.
  • While it cannot be unlocked as Arthur Morgan without downgrading the game and/or using glitches, the cheat "Vanity. All is vanity" can be used to unlock the outfit early. However, the game cannot be saved when any cheat is active.
  • There has been one report as of 2/18/2021 of someone acquiring it via a loot item from a female NPC during the last train robbery for the Bandit 10 Challenge at Wallace Station, but it was likely a random bug rather than an exploitative glitch.
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