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Show off your increased Dead Eye ability as a Legend of the West.

–In-game description

The Legend of the West Outfit is an outfit available to be worn by Marston in Red Dead Redemption.


The outfit features a white shirt (or a white union suit) and black vest combo accompanied by a long black frock coat and Marston's trademark cowboy hat.

Unlocking this outfit doubles the capacity of the Dead-Eye Targeting meter; however, it is not necessary to be wearing the outfit to have double capacity.


This outfit is obtained by attaining rank 10 in the four ambient challenges in the single-player mode of Red Dead Redemption (Sharpshooter, Survivalist, Master Hunter, and Treasure Hunter).

"Congratulations. You are a Legend of the West. Your Dead Eye meter has been expanded and you have an alternate outfit to wear."


  • The "DON'T YOU LOOK FINE AND DANDY" cheat code will unlock this outfit for early use, along with the Gentleman's Attire and the Rancher Outfit (if you have not completed the necessary missions in the storyline).
  • The outfit is strikingly similar to the Deadly Assassin Outfit, with the only differences being the lack of an eyepatch on the left eye, a longer coat, a solid black vest, a white shirt, and Marston's typical hat rather than the special hat that the Assassin outfit has. However, the Deadly Assassin Outfit recharges dead-eye twice as fast, while unlocking the Legend of the West Outfit increases your dead-eye, but the outfit itself confers no perks.
  • A similar outfit is available in Undead Nightmare, known as the Legend of the Apocalypse Outfit.
  • The pants and boots appear to be identical to the ones featured on the Rancher Outfit and Jack Marston's version of the Cowboy Outfit.
  • You may actually get the Legend of the West outfit early in the beginning point of the game by getting into West Elizabeth and Nuevo Paraíso early while doing all ambient challenges.


  • Some players have encountered an unusual glitch which required the character to be arrested while wearing the outfit before the gloves would appear. Also, if your gloves go missing you can play a round of Five Finger Fillet with the Cowboy Outfit on and then change back and they will appear on you again. This is also the case with Marston's rifle holster on his back disappearing. The same solution of getting arrested will solve this problem.
  • When carrying a hogtied person, the back part of the coat will go up.


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