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The Legendary Iwakta Panther is a species of animal found in Red Dead Online.

It only spawns during Harriet Davenport's Legendary Animal Sighting missions after the player reaches rank 5 in The Naturalist role.


This panther has territory near Braithwaite Manor. Nearby residents have described its bright spotted coat. It is known for attacking other animals as well as lone laborers. While those on the manor are afraid to wander too far, poachers have taken a keen interest. However, this panther is cunning. It will take a well-trained eye to track its movements.[1]


After hunting and killing the panther, the player can sell the pelt to Gus Macmillan and he will craft it into garments.

Item Price Recipe
Iwakta Hood and Coat $845.00 1x Legendary Iwakta Panther Pelt


  • The term "panther" doesn't refer to any one specific animal, but rather is ussually used to refer to either to the Florida Panther (Puma concolor cougar), which is a localized subspecies of cougar (Puma concolor), or melanistic individuals of big cats like the jaguar (Panthera onca) and leopard (Panthera pardus). The icon for the Iwakta Panther in the player's animal field guide very clearly shows the likeness of a jaguar and the Iwakta Panther's appearance, show it to have a orangeish-golden coat with black rosettes with spots, characteristic of a jaguar.
    • The Iwakta Panther can only be found in Lemoyne, which itself is based off various regions with the southeastern United States, whereas real-life jaguars have not existed in this particular region of North America since the end of the last ice age and today their only range in the U.S includes the deserts of far southern Arizona & New Mexico.


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