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The Legendary Lake Sturgeon is a rare species of fish found in Red Dead Redemption 2.


The Legendary Lake Sturgeon can be found in the waters of South-West Saint Denis. It is reported that the only way this fish can be attracted is by using special lures. Sightings of this fish are common during overcast weather. Locals have estimated the size of the sturgeon to be around fifty inches long and weighing in at over forty pounds.[1]


Requires Special River Lure to catch.


The fish is found on the south side of the railroad bridge southwest of Saint Denis.


Care should be taken when catching the legendary Lake Sturgeon if using a canoe, as like all large fish caught in one the player will be given the option of throwing it back or returning to shore. Because of the Sturgeon's location, rather than returning to the mainland it may instead leave the player on one of the small islands.



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