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The Legendary Midnight Paw Coyote is a species of animal found in Red Dead Online. It is in the Animal Field Guide under the Dark Legendary Animals section.


Hunting southeast of Strawberry, this coyote is well-known to the local people, even if few have seen it firsthand. With unique yellow eyes and black fur, it is easily distinguished from the more common coyotes in the area. Highly cautious, coyotes will flee from nearby humans. They are active from dawn, hunting late into the day.[1]


The Coyote has a higher chance of spawning between 8am and 6pm, in clear weather.


After hunting and killing the coyote, the player can sell the pelt to Gus Macmillan and he will craft it into garments.

Item Price Recipe
Midnight Paw Hood and Coat $402.50 1x Legendary Midnight Paw Coyote Pelt


Video Guide


Red Dead Online - Legendary Midnight Paw Coyote Location Animal Field Guide


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