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The Legendary Rutile Horn Ram is a rare species of animal found in Red Dead Online.

It only appears during Harriet Davenport's Legendary Animal Sighting missions after the player reaches rank 5 in The Naturalist role.


This rare ram has been sighted in Rio Bravo and in Cholla Springs. Its wool is black and its horns dark red. It is known to charge at passerby and attack other animals in its territory. Word has spread fast, due to the aggressive nature of the ram. Those studying it should keep a safe distance to avoid being charged.[1]


After hunting and killing the ram, the player can sell the pelt to Gus Macmillan and he will craft it into garments.

Item Price Recipe
Rutile Horn Hood and Coat $615.60 1x Legendary Rutile Horn Ram Pelt


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Red Dead Online - Legendary Rutile Horn Ram Mission Animal Field Guide


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