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The Legendary Sapa Cougar is a rare species of animal found in Red Dead Online.

It only appears during Harriet Davenport's Legendary Animal Sighting missions after the player reaches rank 5 in The Naturalist role.


A rare cougar is rumored to stalk through the northeast of New Austin. It is famous for its fully black coat. Known to kill livestock, this cougar has a fierce reputation among the locals who are afraid to cross its path. As a rare specimen, it has become a prime target for poachers who have been spotted in the area. Stay alert. If this cougar attacks, it could be fatal.[1]


After hunting and killing the cougar, the player can sell the pelt to Gus Macmillan and he will craft it into garments.

Item Price Recipe
Sapa Hood and Coat $995.00 1x Legendary Sapa Cougar Pelt


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