The Legendary White Bison is a species of animal found in Red Dead Redemption II.


The Legendary White Bison is endemic to the northern mountains of Ambarino. This albino bison can be easily distinguished by the color of its fur. As a herbivore, it grazes on grains, hay, and corn. Due to the large size of the bison, high impact weapons are considered the best for hunting this animal. The ideal weapon is either a Bow with Improved Arrows or a long scope rifle.[1]

Killing this animal will gives the opportunity to craft the rare Bison Horn Talisman, the Legendary White Bison Hat, the Legendary White Bison Coat and to finish The Ghost Bison outfit.


The Legendary White Bison can be found in Grizzlies West, at the north end of Lake Isabella.


Legendary animals always give a clean pelt or skin, so the player can use any weapon to kill them.

Compendium: Use a long scope rifle for a clean kill.



Item Price Requires
Legendary White Bison Hat $45.00 Legendary White Bison Pelt
Legendary White Bison Coat $29.00 Legendary White Bison Pelt

These are part of The Ghost Bison Garment Set.


Item Price Requires Type Effect
Bison Horn Talisman $38.50 Abalone Shell Fragment, Silver Earring, Legendary Bison Horn Stamina Lowers the drain speed of your Stamina Core by 10%


100 gamerscoreGamerscore
Gold goldGold
Attain 100% completion.


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