Legends and Killers
Developer(s) Rockstar San Diego
Rockstar North
Publisher(s) Rockstar Games
Release Date North America: August 10, 2010
Europe: August 10, 2010
Platform(s) ps3Icon ps3 PS3
xbox360Icon xbox360 Xbox 360
Engine(s) RAGE
Price $9.99\£7.99 (PlayStation Network)
800 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE)
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Genre(s) Sandbox, Third-person shooter, action-adventure
Rating(s) BBFC: BBFC 18 sign (grey back) rated 18

ESRB:ERSB Mature sign (smaller) rated "Mature"

OFLC: OFLC MA15 sign (grey back) rated "MA15+ Restricted"
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The Legends and Killers Pack is a piece of downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption. It was released on August 10th, 2010.


The pack includes :

  • A new projectile weapon: the Tomahawk, with corresponding Challenges for single player and multiplayer.


Legends and Killers was met with mixed to fair reception. The PS3 holds 64/100 based on 4 reviews [1] while the Xbox 360 version holds 61/100. [2]

Eurogamer gave the DLC a 6/10, stating "An expensive indulgence, Legends and Killers undoubtedly improves the multiplayer in terms of variety, but that's just not enough to make it essential." The Itailan version of the website awarded the DLC with the same score, stating "This DLC is a little too small, compared to other additional contents from Rockstar. Forget the huge DLC for GTA: this time we have few maps, few characters from the previous Red Dead and one single new weapon. It's not enough for a 10 Euro purchase, unless you are addicted to the multiplayer of RDR."



Legends and Killers DLC

Legends and Killers DLC



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