The Lemoyne Raiders is a faction featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



According to newspapers, the Lemoyne Raiders is made up of both Confederate veterans and recruited disenfranchised young men. Structured like a militia, the group initially formed up as a Neo-Confederate organization that was appreciated by locals.

However, by 1899, the group had turned violent and is known for murders and robberies of northerners, government employees, and law-abiding citizens alike throughout Lemoyne. They are involved in numerous rackets, from buying and selling moonshine to trading arms to buyers in South American countries. They are known for preaching anti-government and anti-tax doctrines. They are extremely territorial and vengeful, and will launch retributions against Arthur and the gang the more they antagonize them. Their superior arms and military training make them more dangerous than most gangs, as they will organize effective ambushes against Arthur instead of just randomly attacking him on sight.

The Raiders are also known to be working with the Braithwaite Family as a form of partners in the moonshine business and other forms of business deals. They also seem to be in business with Angelo Bronte.

In The New Hanover Gazette, most of the Lemoyne Raiders members have fled to areas in Texas after repeated clashes with the government and law enforcement. It is also stated that Lemoyne Raiders are well received in Texas, as the locals have a disdain for paying taxes and the U.S government.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

The Lemoyne Raiders are first encountered when Sheriff Leigh Gray sends Dutch, Arthur, and Bill to shut down one of their moon-shining operations.

After a supply run to Rhodes, Arthur and Sadie are forced to have their wagon stopped by several Lemoyne Raiders who wish to rob them. Sadie shoots one of them, and they are forced to fight their way free.

After talking to the colored community in town, Lenny learns that the raiders keep a large stash of weapons at one of the plantation houses they occupy. The pair keep their distance as they follow the wagon, until the plantation house comes into view. The two then attack the house, and butcher the bandits at the house. They then seize the wagon, and ride away with it. Along the way back, a group of raiders assault them. The two manage to bring them down, and the remainder of the journey back to camp is uneventful.

The next encounter Arthur has with the Lemoyne Raiders, is when he is assisting Hosea in giving away some moonshine for the Braithwaite family that they took from the Lemoyne Raiders at an earlier date. A group of Lemoyne Raiders confront the two in the saloon, and a gunfight breaks out. The two manage to fight their way free, and escape back to camp.

The last time Arthur will encounter the Lemoyne Raiders with the gang at his side, is when Arthur and John are sent to Shady Belle to clear it out, in order to make it the gang's next camp location. When Arthur and John arrive at Shady Belle, they are attacked by two Lemoyne Raiders. After killing them, Arthur ventures upstairs and kills two more raiders taking shelter in the upstairs rooms. He will then find an elderly Lemoyne Raider laying in bed where he would then say these words, "I knew you'd come, soon enough. You, or some other coward like you. The Bounty Hunters, The Freedmen, The Carpetbaggers, The army of criminals who stole our land and our government. I survived them all. Our Fight will Live on!" He says this before he shoots himself in the head with a revolver and falls dead onto the bed. Arthur and John then throw their bodies into the swamp, as to not scare the rest of the gang.

Arthur can also encounter the leader of the gang, Lindsey Wofford, if he takes his bounty that can be obtained by the Saint Denis Police Department. After a fight at his fort, you can bring back Wofford dead or alive. On the way back, rival bounty hunters will attack demanding his body, alive or not. Arthur can either kill them, or flee to the city.




  • For a Random Encounter in Saint Denis during the night near the Veteran's Home which is in construction, two possible Lemoyne Raiders in disguise quickly throw Fire Bottles into a near by building window before running away. Left behind on a wall is some writing which says 'Lemoyne Is a Free State'.
  • The Raiders can launch a very dangerous Ambush in the bridge area near Hill Haven Ranch. A gang of 8-12 mounted Raiders will storm the player without warning and attempt to kill the player. New players will be very hard put to avoid being killed.
  • The Lemoyne Raiders have similarities to the real life group called The White League which was a paramilitary group formed in 1874 which had veteran solders of the Confederacy in its ranks as they also focused on attacking anyone that was against their cause such as African Americans, Whites who supported the Republican Party in the South, and Northerners. Just like the Lemoyne Raiders origins they were originally seen as a good thing as the real life Individual George C. Rable described The White League as 'The Military Arm Of The Democratic Party'.
  • They may also be based off another real life confederate militia called: "Logan's Wildcats". This is supported by the fact that Logan's Wildcats worked with the Hatfields in the infamous Hatfield and Mccoy feud, which the Braithwaite and Grey feud was based off of.
  • The player is able to equip and keep two unique hats from select enemies in random Lemoyne Raider hangouts. They are the Military Officer's Hat and the Military Forage Cap, which when equipped will be stored in the Stolen Hats category of the player's wardrobe. There are additional unique hats the Lemoyne Raiders wear as well, but they are unable to be saved.


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