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Lemuel "Lem" Fike is a major character featured in the Moonshiner DLC in Red Dead Online.



Lem was a moonshiner working with his aunt Maggie Fike and Danny-Lee Caton. They supposedly ran the moonshine business in Lemoyne up until 1892, when they were caught by Reid Hixon and his revenue agents. Lem was captured and forced to watch his aunt be seemingly burnt alive along with her shack.

Events of Red Dead Online

A Life of 'Shine

In 1898, Maggie, having survived the burning of her shack, resumes moonshine production, aided by the protagonist, whom she has rescue Lem from a prison transport so that he could assist them. Lem helps the protagonist unload supplies at the port of Annesburg, where they are ambushed by Reid Hixon's agents, whom they barely escape from.

Later, Maggie arranges a meeting with Bartholomew Braithwaite and Danny-Lee, whose moonshine production she and the protagonist have been sabotaging, under the guise of making amends by providing a shipment of moonshine, and has Lem anonymously tip off Hixon. When Danny-Lee and Bartholomew arrive to find Lem and the protagonist absent, they are quickly held at gunpoint by revenue agents. Danny-Lee is arrested while Bartholomew bribes Hixon to let him go. The agents also capture the protagonist and Lem, who were hiding nearby, but they escape after Lem accidentally shoots a wagon full of explosive moonshine that they brought, setting the surrounding swamp on fire. The protagonist then kills Hixon and captures Danny-Lee. Upon bringing him to their shack, Maggie confronts and eventually forgives him for turning to the Braithwaite family for protection. She lets Danny-Lee go on the condition she would never have to see him again.

Following this, Lem continues to produce and sell moonshine with Maggie and the protagonist.



Lem is a gentle and dependable man. Trying hard to impress his aunt, he keeps messing up and often making things worse. As shown in the final mission, Lem has quite a temper if provoked with personal matters. He is shown to often stutter his words.


Lem is an average-sized man with a heavy beard. In 1892 he is seen wearing his brown hat, with a white union shirt. In 1898, when the protagonist rescues him, he has the same appearance, sans the hat. Afterward, he dons a blue shirt with a patterned vest on top, and another hat.

Mission appearances

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