Hey, amigo, my name is Leon. Can you help me get into the fort? A gang is using it as a hideout, and there is a lot of stolen money. We should be able to get in over that wall. You look stronger than me. Climb over, and then find a way to let me in.

Leon Galindo, before starting the Fort Mercer hideout

Leon Galindo is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Leon is a Mexican gunslinger who seeks to retake Fort Mercer from the Banditos. Escalera is thought to be his hometown, as he can often be found there. His mother, Carmen Galindo, has been laid to rest at Sepulcro, as of 1886.


Marston will meet Leon outside of Fort Mercer and he will ask for Marston's assistance to enter the fort. He gives Marston a boost onto a lower part of the wall, which then allows access to get over the wall. Marston takes out the Banditos by the door to the fort and unlocks it from the inside, allowing Leon to gain access. He and Marston then finish off the rest of the banditos in the fort, including their leaders. They soon come to a room with treasure chests inside, and Leon tells Marston to take what's in them for helping him re-take the fort. Sometimes Leon may die, but the mission will not end.

Leon can still be found at Fort Mercer, Escalera, and in Chuparosa, where he will challenge the player to a duel. He can also be occasionally be found Arm Wrestling at El Matadero.


Oye, gringo. Come here!
Leon Galindo when approached
So you think you can shoot, do you?! Why don't you prove it?!
Leon Galindo, when challenging the player to a duel


  • Even once the hideout has been completed, returning to Fort Mercer will trigger the mission again with Leon waiting outside.
  • There is a known glitch in which Leon's NPC skin is replaced by that of a levitating coyote. Coyote Leon will still ask the player for help, lift him into the fort using his paw, and will inexplicably shoot with the Schofield. Coyote Leon video.
  • Whilst playing Undead Nightmare the player may come across Leon fighting off a horde of the undead. Without the player's assistance he will be killed. If he is saved, however, he will not offer a reward. Alternatively, if the player does not possess a treasure map, he may reward the player with one.
  • He shares a character head with Fausto Rivera, Ricardo Godinez, and Javier Bracamontes.



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