My name is Leviticus Cornwall. I am not a man to be messed with by the likes of you.
Leviticus Cornwall introducing himself

Leviticus Cornwall is a major character and the quaternary antagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2.



Leviticus Cornwall is a wealthy man who owns many of the businesses the Van der Linde gang have their sights set on, with his greatest power accumulated in Saint Denis. He is also a financial backer of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency.

At some point, he gave Colonel Henry Favours of the US Army a proposition to drive the Wapiti Indians off the reservation's lands, which are allegedly oil-rich. To do so, he made a deal with the state offering to "modernize" it, for which he was given a vast amount of state bonds. In doing all of this, Cornwall was undermining the authority of the federal government, who did not want conflict with the Wapitis.

It is believed that before the events of Red Dead Redemption 2, he destroyed or sabotaged the Oil Derrick in the Heartlands, in the same process killing it's owner a Mr. Varley. It is believed that the corpse next to the Oil Derrick is Mr. Varley due to the fact that the player can loot his body and find a letter from Cornwall Kerosine & Tar, which talks about Cornwall making Varley several offers to buy the Oil Derrick so as to not have any competiotion in the Oil Market. When that didn't pan out it is suspected that Cornwall decided to just sabotage the Oil Derrick and cause it to kill Varley.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Colter Chapter

Leviticus Cornwall is first mentioned by the gang when they invaded the O'Driscoll camp near Colter. After overrunning the camp, the gang discovers plans to rob a Cornwall train. The heist is successful, and the gang seizes a significant amount of money in bonds.

Horseshoe Overlook Chapter

Cornwall eventually tracks down the Van der Linde Gang in Valentine. In retaliation for the gang stealing from him, he has his hired guns hold Strauss and John as hostages. He then demands that Dutch and Arthur come outside and surrender themselves. After Dutch and Arthur attack his men, he tells them to kill the gang members given the opportunity.

Beaver Hollow Chapter

Dutch later decides to confront Cornwall personally, and brings Micah and Arthur along to wait for him to sail in to Annesburg. Dutch originally only intends to talk to Leviticus, but after overhearing his conversations with a concerned Annesberg citizen, he instead demands Leviticus pay him $10,000 and surrender his boat if he wants to leave the area unharmed. When Leviticus laughs and refuses, Dutch shoots him in the chest, killing him instantly and causing Cornwall to fall into the water. Newspapers will then report the incident with many NPCs using the incident as small talk.



Leviticus Cornwall is shown to be an irritable and arrogant man. He is vindictive towards the Van der Linde gang, who has been stealing from many of his businesses. In a personal confrontation with Dutch, Dutch claims that while he is selective of who he kills and robs, Cornwall is indiscriminate and therefore far more destructive. This is demonstrated in a conversation with an Annesburg citizen, in which Cornwall expresses disregard for the people's safety in favor of progress.

Cornwall has also shown himself to an unscrupulous businessman who will use any means to achieve his goals. Several collectible items indicate that Cornwall probably had committed several unethical schemes such as sponsoring Colonel Favours to drive the Wapitis off the reservation (a land he believed to be rich in oil) or sabotaging the Oil Derrick in the Heartlands (a possible competitor in the Oil Market). Cornwall is even willing to undermine the authority of the federal government for the sake of his goals, thus breaking the law and making him no more of a criminal than the gangs who rob from him.


Cornwall is an elderly man with receding gray hair and a beard. True to his status as business magnate, he is finely dressed in all his appearances.

Mission Appearances


  • While on the island of Guarma, Arthur Morgan uses his name as an alias.
  • Cornwall is a composite character based on several dominant late-nineteenth century industrialists such as Leland Stanford, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, and others in terms of power, reputation, and appearance. Cornwall's actions by Chapter 2 seem to be based especially on those of Union Pacific Railroad executive E.H. Harriman with regard to Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch, including the hiring of the Pinkerton Detective Agency to destroy the gang.
  • Leviticus, literally meaning “Book of the Levites,” is the third book of the Old Testament. It contains instructions for rituals, sacrifices, and practices on how to attain spiritual purification, forgiveness, and redemption.


You don't know me but you keep robbing me!
Leviticus Cornwall's first lines.
Get out here, before I have these men killed!
Leviticus Cornwall on threatening Dutch to come out of the saloon.