This place just gets worse.

Lewis Shelton

Lewis Shelton is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Lewis is the older brother of Ira Shelton. His relatives, Edgar and Lila Shelton, are buried at Odd Fellow's Rest. Ira mentions that their mother lives in Blackwater.


Lewis can most often be found in Armadillo, frequently playing poker inside the saloon. He has also been known to frequent the Rathskeller Fork doing odd jobs like farming, he can be also seen drinking in the saloon. He can also be found in a random encounter where he and another man will ask Marston to deliver a wagon full of dynamite to a customer.


I heard that Walton's Gang are still robbing stagecoaches out by Cholla Springs.
Lewis Shelton
You don't wanna head out near Tumbleweed, place is full of bad spirits.
Lewis Shelton
I once found coins in the grass at Río del Lobo. Ain't that peculiar?
Lewis Shelton
Things are just gonna get worse if Nate Johns becomes governor.
Lewis Shelton
Friend of mine got shot crossing a bridge at Benedict Pass.
Lewis Shelton making small talk at the poker table


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