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I used to be quite well-known... now I'm just the bloody town drunk.
Lillian Powell

Lillian Powell is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Lillian Powell is intellectual in the arts and socialite in Saint Denis. She has said to have a husband named David, who was reportedly a brilliant man who could seduce anyone. Lillian's husband was a composer who wrote "a long section for the timpani" and was "in love with the percussionists".

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Lillian Powell was one of the guests attending Mayor Henri Lemieux's party.

Lillian can most notably be seen sitting on the sofa at the Bastille Saloon in Saint Denis. Here, she can be found smoking an undisclosed substance, ranting about various things. She can often be found demanding alcohol and even cocaine at times, while belittling the city's residents for voting.

Additionally, the player may have a conversation with her. She realises that the player is not from the city and usually calls them "cowboy" or "tough boy", as well as "darling". After the player does talk to her, she will rant about a different subject the next time they encounter her. Eventually, after enough conversations, Lillian can no longer be found in the saloon.

A small easter egg can be seen by talking to Lillian, after she is not responding, you can chew cocaine gum and she will talk again about some monologue.


The worst types, darling. Intellectuals... in other words, men without balls.
Lillian on who knew her.
It's Miss Powell, and I need some bloody cocaine!
Lillian demanding cocaine.
Does anyone have any cocaine!? I simply must have some! I bet none of you bores have any, and if you did, I bet none of you would share.
Lillian ranting about cocaine.

Mission appearances

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