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He's as big as a mule and mean as a hellcat.
Farmhand 3 in He's British, of Course

The Lion is an animal species featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


The lion can be only encountered once in Emerald Ranch, The Heartlands during the Strangers side-mission "He's British, of Course" where he must be killed.


This unnamed lion was one of three animals featured in Margaret's circus. However, unlike the "tiger" and "zebra" which were both North American animals painted and tarred to look exotic, the lion was a genuine exotic species. Margaret claimed he came from "Tanganyiki".

He's British, of Course

After the player finds and captures the "zebra" and "tiger" for Margaret, they are informed that the star attraction lion was spotted at Emerald Ranch. Due to the prior animals being imposters (including a small dog dressed with a wig to look like a lion), the player believes this last animal is also an imposter.

The player travels to Emerald Ranch where they find two ranch hands keeping a door shut to the barn and warning others to stay back. The player tells the ranch hands to step aside and enters the barn. However, the lion leaps out from the roof, instantly killing the ranch hand and several cattle. This leads the player to follow its trail across the ranch to stables where the lion steps out from. Surprised that this animal is an actual lion, the player stumbles back as the lion runs up and charges. This forces the player to shoot and kill the lion.

In spite of the death of the lion, Margaret still gives the player payment of a Emerald worth $50. Optionally, after killing the Lion, the player can cut off its paw to make the Lion's Paw Trinket.


  • The Lion has a unique character model in spite of only appearing briefly in the game. The model moves and operates similarly to that of cougar and panther.
  • The Lion is the only member of its species which appears in the entirety of Red Dead Redemption 2 due to being a foreign species. As such, it is not included in the compendium.
  • The Lion is one of the few enemies which can instantly kill the player, others include the Vampire, Sheriff Freeman, the Hermit, and the Legendary Giaguaro Panther.
    • Aside from the Legendary Giaguaro Panther, it is the only animal that can kill the player instantly.
  • The exact subspecies of the Lion is unknown. Margaret makes reference to "Tangyaniki" when describing where the lion is from, which may be referring to Tanganyika - modern day Tanzania. This implies it is an East African Lion although it is unknown if Margaret actually knew where it was from.
  • A special animation for the player can be seen if they fail to shoot the lion, where the lion lunges and slices the player’s throat and they collapse and die.

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