I can't die! There's no one to bury me!

Lloyd Duffy

Lloyd Duffy is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Lloyd's background.


Red Dead Redemption

Lloyd can commonly be found in and around Blackwater. However, he has been known to frequent Armadillo and other locations throughout New Austin and West Elizabeth.

Lloyd can also be found at a camp in the wilderniss in West Elizabeth. Upon approaching he wil fire a warning shot and tell Marston to leave. If Marston advances to Lloyd he will turn hostile and shoot the player whilst sending a dog to attack the player. Upon killing or hogtying him the player can loot his chest, which will contain some decent money, along with a random ammo type.

Undead Nightmare

In Undead Nightmare, Lloyd can be found defending the settlement of Plainview, where he is on top of one of the oil derricks. If Plainview is saved and Lloyd survives, he will sit with Charlie Bengle by the shack.

Lloyd can also be seen during a random encounter in which he is found in the wilderness sitting at a camp. The area is littered with bones, but Lloyd will invite the player over and begin telling stories, soon revealing he had to kill his brother and, unable to get provisions in any other way, eat his corpse. If the player does not already have one, searching the area will reveal a treasure map or, if the treasure map has already been obtained, ammunition. However, searching the area will cause Lloyd to turn hostile, exclaiming that the player is robbing him.


We got to keep our strength up if we want to stay alive. You want a bite?
Lloyd Duffy inviting the player to his camp
I guess there's plenty to go 'round if you be wantin' some too?
Lloyd Duffy
Yup, little bit of whiskey to soak it and I reckon this'll be good eatin'.
Lloyd Duffy
It all started after the plague hit town, you know. My brother comes home shot up real bad. Says he don't want them red-eyed demons to get his immortal soul. He said he wanted me to do it. You know? To kill him. I just put the pillow over his face. But the thing is you see, I was real hungry. I couldn't 'xactly go outside to the store? So I cooked 'im up in a stew and I ate him. He tasted damn good.
Lloyd Duffy, explaining to the player how he cannibalized his own brother when the infection began
I ain't gonna bite you! Come and join me?
Lloyd Duffy if the player doesn't sit down
Come on mister, you can sit a while. I ain't seen a livin' man in quite some time.
Lloyd Duffy if the player doesn't sit down
You tryin' to rob me ain'tcha? I ain't sittin' here waitin' on that to be happenin'.
Lloyd Duffy accusing the player of trying to rob him
You're gonna be wearing your ass backwards when I'm through with you.
Lloyd Duffy, when assaulted
Well, come on then, you lily-livered piece of shit.
Lloyd Duffy, when assaulted
I'll blow this bastard's brains out if you come any closer!
Lloyd Duffy treatening to shoot his dog if the player approaches his camp
Bastards like you never learn!
Lloyd Duffy being hogtied at his camp


  • He may be related to Roscoe Duffy, a treasure hunter and outlaw. However, Lloyd, when in combat, says he has no family or friends. Though this does not automatically disqualify the relationship, as Lloyd might be embarrassed to admit that he's related to a criminal.
    • In Undead Nightmare, Lloyd mentions that he has a brother. However, during the events of the infection, Lloyd killed and ate him.
  • Lloyd appears to share the same character head with Thurlow Reese, Lyle Mouton, Ralph Dutton, Warren Dillard, and Whit McSwain.
  • It appears that at some point, Lloyd was intended to be a Missing Person during the Undead Nightmare. His elimination from the list may be a result of the first trivia bullet: since he has no friends or family, there would be no one to notice he was missing.


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