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The sprawling world of Red Dead Redemption covers a total of 94 individual locations spread across three primary territories, each of which is split into a number of constituent regions. The land is a vast, open area of varying landscapes populated with a wide variety of flora and fauna. The area is based loosely on the Rio Grande Basin in Texas/Mexico, shading into the wooded pinelands of the U.S. Rocky Mountains. It could potentially be around the southern end of New Mexico.

Within each region there are settlements, gang hideouts, camps, outposts, railroads, mines, bridges, mountains, fields, rivers, lakes, deserts, forests, canyons, major geographical features, and much more.

The San Luis River is the geographical backbone of the world, defining the boundaries of the three major territories, running between West Elizabeth, New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso, and emptying into the Sea of Coronado. There are small lakes scattered throughout the frontier, like Lake Don Julio in the south of Cholla Springs, and the much larger Flat Iron Lake which defines the eastern edge of the map.

New Austin

New Austin

New Austin is the first explorable territory available to the player at the start of a new game. The New Austin territory consists of four counties: Cholla Springs, Río Bravo, Gaptooth Ridge, and Hennigan's Stead. The land is based on the American South-Southwest (from California, through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas into Louisiana). Scrub desert covers most of the region to the west, becoming rolling prairie as one travels eastward and ending as lush wetland near the margins of Flat Iron Lake.

Within New Austin are the towns of Armadillo, Plainview, Thieves' Landing, Rathskeller Fork and the ghost town of Tumbleweed. Also in this area are the large homesteads of Ridgewood Farm and MacFarlane's Ranch, a number of smaller farms and ranches, and the infamous Fort Mercer.

In this area there are some locations that sometimes do not show up as places found even after purchasing and using the map for this area. Tanner's Span and Mason's Bridge are two railway bridges SW and SE respectively of the Pacific Union Railroad Camp. Crossing these bridges will unlock these two locations and count towards 100% Completion .

Maps of Cholla Springs and Gaptooth Ridge are available to buy from the Armadillo General Store. Maps of Hennigan's Stead are available from the store at MacFarlane's Ranch. Maps of Río Bravo are available in the general store in Thieves' Landing.

Rio Bravo sounds like it should be Rio Bravio, in other words Untamed River in Spanish.

Nuevo Paraíso

Nuevo Paraiso

Nuevo Paraiso, meaning New Paradise in Spanish, is the second explorable territory. Nuevo Paraiso represents the northern part of Mexico, a new country with a different language and different overall feel. It is unlocked in the story mission "We Shall Be Together in Paradise".

The Nuevo Paraiso territory consists of three regions: Punta Orgullo, Perdido, and Diez Coronas. The region is most likely based on the Mexican border state Nuevo Leon. Nuevo Paraiso is even vaster and emptier than New Austin with deserts, enormous mesas, canyons and mountains.

Within this area are the towns of Chuparosa, Escalera (the secret area from Undead Nightmare is also under the villa in Escalera), the fortress of El Presidio, the nunnery of Las Hermanas and the settlements of Agave Viejo, El Matadero, Torquemada and Casa Madrugada.

Many of the regions and towns can be translated into English. Punta Orgullo translates tp Point Pride, Diez Coronas translates to Ten Crowns, and Perdido translates to Lost . Of the towns, Chuparosa, is similar to the Spanish word Chuparrosa, or Hummingbird. Escalera means Ladder ( the town climbs upward), El Presidio translates to The Prison, El Matadero translates to The Slaughterhouse (there is a slaughterhouse in the town) and Casa Madrugada means Morning House. Agave Viejo doesn't translate into English (although viejo translates to old), and Torquemada means "Burnt Tower".

You can buy maps of the territory at the market in Chuparosa, and at the Gunsmith shop in Escalera.

West Elizabeth


West Elizabeth

West Elizabeth is the third and final explorable territory which is unlocked following the story mission "An Appointed Time".

This region is part of America like New Austin, but it differs greatly from the rest of the land. The region is characterized by mountainous pine forests to the west, snowy mountains in the far north, and large empty prairie to the east. It is based on the American South-Central (from Oklahoma, through Arkansas, and then possibly Missouri). It is the smallest territory in the game, being roughly the size of Cholla Springs. This region is far more industrialized and civilized than New Austin with the modern city of Blackwater boasting paved streets, street lighting, road signs and automobiles.

West Elizabeth consists of Tall Trees to the north-west and the Great Plains region which makes up most of the territory.

West Elizabeth has a mountain called Nekoti Rock which is where Brumas the Bear can be found; it is also home to many Grizzly Bears. The town of Blackwater (where John Marston passes through in the first cut scene of "Exodus in America") lies on West Elizabeth's eastern coast while the smaller Manzanita Post can be found in Tall Trees. The highest point in Red Dead Redemption is also here, an area called Cochinay, which consists of snowy mountains and cliffs, canyons and a secluded hideout.

Maps of West Elizabeth can be bought at the general stores in Blackwater and Manzanita Post.

West Elizabeth is the most easternly territory in the game, but has the name West Elizabeth.

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