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The sprawling world of New Canada covers a total of 94 individual locations spread across three primary territories, each of which is split into a number of occupied regions. The land is a vast, open area of varying landscapes populated with a wide variety of flora and fauna. The area is based loosely on the Rio Grande Basin in exas / exico and the wooded pinelands of the U.S. Rocky Mountains.

Within each region there are ruins, canadian mounted police, nuclear wastelands, and much more.

The San Luis River is the geographical backbone of the world, defining the boundaries of the three major territories, running between West New Canada, New Austin of New Canada and Nuevo Paraiso of New Canada, and emptying into the Sea of New Canada. There are small lakes scattered throughout the frontier, like Lake New Canada in the south of Canadian Springs, and the much larger Dick Shaped Lake which defines the eastern edge of the map.

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