You just can't do this back east!
Lomax Brewton when assaulted

Lomax Brewton is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Lomax's background.


Lomax can be found in and around a number of towns throughout New Austin and West Elizabeth. He can be found in Thieves' Landing or in Armadillo, specifically in and around the saloon, where he often will challenge Marston to a duel. It is as well possible to see him at the saloon in Blackwater, where he also is likely to challenge Marston to a duel. Lomax can also be found in Thieves' Landing or Manzanita Post playing Five Finger Fillet.


Did you say that to scare Yankees during the Civil War too, Grandpa?
Lomax Brewton when insulted.
Great horny toads!
Lomax Brewton when shocked.
Your fingers are slick. Do you play with yourself a lot?
Lomax Brewton after losing at Five Finger Fillet
I'm gonna kill you!
Lomax Brewton during a fight.
I love you, second amendment!
Lomax Brewton during a fight.
Hey Marston, I hear you're good with a pistol - wanna prove it?
Lomax Brewton challenging Marston to a duel
Well, follow me hero.
Lomax Brewton after Marston has accepted a duel against him
I smell a dead man!
Lomax Brewton in a gunfight


  • Brewton's first name, Lomax, is a possible reference to the 1967 western film, The War Wagon; one of the main characters in the film shares his name.
  • Lomax shares a character head with Randy Haskins, Earl Driscoll, Morris Snead, Grover Boone and Jesse Bryars.
  • He can be seen in the morning smoking a cigarette in Thieves' Landing, on the porch of the house in front of the Shipping yard. He have residence there.


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