Sorry partner, I ain't getting fresh.

– John Marston

John Looting A Body

In Red Dead Redemption and its prequel Red Dead Redemption 2, the player can loot dead bodies of citizens, enemies, animals, or undead. Doing so will sometimes net the player money and other items, such as pardon letters, ammunition, and other consumables.

When the player loots a body, the game will show an in-game cinematic of Arthur/John/Jack searching the body, similar to that of skinning animals.

Looting is crucial throughout the game. If a bounty is killed, proof must be taken to receive the reward. This is done in the form of looting the bounty's corpse.

In Redemption, looting doesn't affect honor or fame. After a gang hideout invasion or a particularly large battle, it is recommended that the player loots every body in sight, because a player can sometimes earn up to $200 from looting all the bodies. In fact, in the Gaptooth Breach Social Club Challenge, one requirement is looting $200 from the gang.

In Redemption 2, looting civilians or otherwise "good" characters decreases honor slightly.

The player must wait for the bodies that they wish to search to bleed out before the option to loot is available, which can take several seconds. The same applies to skinning animals.

Looting is also critical in the Undead Nightmare since ammo and supplies are scarce. Undead with ammo belts have more ammo that undead who are not wearing one.

Undead animals are not skinned, but instead are looted.

Types of Loot

There are three types of loots found in-game; animal, undead, and standard loots. They are similar in the game as both require killings to acquire loots.

Standard Loots

Standard Loots are basic loots found on dead people. These consist of money, ammo or other various items, such as tobacco or food items.

Animal Loots

Animal loots are acquired when skinning an animal; these are random loots obtained after killing an animal and can be sold to a store, or in RDR2 a butcher or trapper.

Undead Loots

Undead loots are loots from undead animals and undead people. Undead body parts can be obtained, as well as other supplies.

Notably Large Loots

Some NPCs in Red Dead Redemption have quite a lot of money on them when they die. They tend to be main antagonists like Edgar Ross (see the page for the Strangers mission "Remember My Family" for details on looting Ross), in which when looting his body, the player will receive around $400. In Red Dead Redemption 2, looting Angelo Bronte after he is knocked out in "Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten" will give the player $150, a fairly large amount due to in-game item prices.


  • When Jack Marston kills Edgar Ross in the Stranger side-mission "Remember My Family", and loots his body, the player will receive $409. When put into a date, it is 4/09 (April 2009), which is the original month that Rockstar announced Red Dead Redemption.
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