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A failed man is often the most dangerous.
Lyndon Monroe

Captain Lyndon Monroe is a supporting character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



A military officer who graduated from West Point, Captain Monroe was sent down from Washington following reports of unrest in the region. Despite his best efforts to help the reservation and make peace between the Wapiti and the US Army regiment based at Fort Wallace, the conflict continued to escalate.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur first meets Monroe when he goes to the reservation to talk to Rains Fall. During this encounter, Monroe will ask Arthur for some help. If he accepts, Arthur will later talk to him at the reservation. Monroe tells him that Colonel Favours has ordered for vaccines to be redirected from the reservation, which was meant to help the Indians fight off a surge in smallpox. Arthur steals the smallpox vaccine from an Army carriage and delivers it to Monroe at the reservation.

Arthur next encounters Monroe when he and Charles attend peace talks between the army and the Indians. When Arthur is forced to go into a medical tent due to coughing from tuberculosis, he hears some soldiers talking about Monroe. After listening closer, he learns that Favours plans to charge Monroe with treason and hang him for impeding his efforts to antagonize the Indians. The negotiations between Rains Fall and the colonel promptly collapse, with Favours ordering for Monroe to be arrested and tried for treason. This results in Charles and Arthur taking a soldier hostage and trading him for Monroe. The three leap onto their horses and attempt to escape, but the soldiers pursue them. The trio is forced to take shelter within the trees, as waves of enemies assault their position. Arthur and Charles slay the attacking soldiers, before bringing Monroe to Emerald Station. When they get there, Monroe boards the train after being given some money by Arthur and is not seen again.



Monroe is an honest and loyal military officer. Unlike many Americans, particularly within the Army, Monroe displayed no prejudice or disdain towards the native Wapiti Indians, instead showing compassion and concern for the tribe as the situation between the Fort Wallace regiment and the Wapiti continued to escalate, going as far as to personally go to the reservation to care for the Indians.

Despite his steadfast loyalty to the Army, Monroe also possessed enough insight to recognize the instability that Colonel Favours' leadership presented. During his stay, Monroe had observed that the Fort Wallace regiment had developed a "culture" of its own, and Monroe had also grown to be wary of the actions Colonel Favours and his men were taking against the Wapiti. When Colonel Favours redirected vaccines meant for the Wapiti, Monroe circumvented Favours' authority by asking Arthur to steal them. However, despite realizing Colonel Favours's erratic behaviour, Monroe failed to anticipate Favours going as far as to have him hanged for treason.

Even in the face of betrayal, Captain Monroe refused to fight back against any of Colonel Favours' men, holding his oath as a soldier in high regard.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


He'd love to provoke me almost as much as to provoke these poor bastards.
Monroe on Colonel Favours.
Despite the fact, I think he is a horse's ass, he knows I think that. So we are just stuck here, trying to make the best of things.
Monroe on Colonel Favours.


  • Even though he is referred to as Captain, he has one gold bar as his rank insignia, denoting the rank of First Lieutenant. However, he may be a Brevet Captain, and his actual rank would be First Lieutenant.
  • Monroe is an alumnus of the United States Military Academy, more commonly referred to as West Point.
  • Monroe's first name is only mentioned once by Rains Fall in "The Fine Art of Conversation" and only if the player did not meet him prior to the mission.
  • Captain Monroe rides a different horse during each mission that he appears in.