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Red Dead Redemption:
Undead Nightmare
achievement and trophy

Mad Marston:
the Trail Warrior
Rdr mad marston
Description Attain Rank 5 in all Undead Nightmare Challenges.
Gamer Score 10 gamerscoreGamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze bronzeBronze
Downloadable content Undead Nightmare

Mad Marston: The Trail Warrior is an achievement/trophy in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


Attain Rank 5 in all Undead Nightmare Challenges.


The player must complete the following challenges to earn the achievement:

Undead Sharpshooter

  • Rank 1: Kill 5 Undead in 10 seconds using a gun
  • Rank 2: Headshot 10 Undead in a row
  • Rank 3: Kill 5 flaming undead in one Dead-Eye meter
  • Rank 4: Kill 1 of each of the 4 undead types with 1 Dead Eye meter
  • Rank 5: Get 5 undead sniper kills in 8 seconds without using Dead Eye. The Rolling Block Rifle can be found in the Pacific Union Railroad Camp

Undead Hunter

Four Horses of the Apocalypse

Undead Treasure Hunter

  • Ranks 1 - 5: Find the first map in a chest at a wildness camp and find the treasure. See Treasure Hunter Challenges For a video on where to locate the 5 treasures.


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