I am Madam Nazar. Channler of spirits. Finder of lost things, and since everyone seems to be a fortune teller now, seller of the strange and exotic.
Madam Nazar

Madam Nazar is a major character featured in Red Dead Online.



Little is known of Madam Nazar's past aside from becoming a collector and seller of various items. By 1898, Madam Nazar traveled to the United States to sell her wares and collect rare goods from the region.

Events of Red Dead Online

The player character encounters Madam Nazar at her mobile sales coach on the side of the road. Old Man Jones arrives and attempts to warn the player from doing business with Madam Nazar, but is driven away by the latter under the threat of being cursed. She attempts to tell the player's fortune but quickly finds the endeavor inconclusive. Madam Nazar states that aside from being a fortune teller, she also buys and sells various rare and exotic items, and proposes that the player can become a collector and gather such items for her for a price. She sells the collector's bag to them for 15 gold bars in order to get started.

The player can meet her at different places in the game to sell collections or buy various items. Madam Nazar also sells other miscellaneous items unlocked through the progression of other roles, as well as special equipment for the Collector role such as the metal detector and refined binoculars.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Online


  • Madam Nazar's location changes to a different region of the map every day.
  • A Fortune Speaker machine resembling Madam Nazar called "Nazar Speaks" appears in the Grand Theft Auto Online add-on The Diamond Casino Heist.[1]
  • Depending on the player's honor level, Madam Nazar will comment on it whenever they come to her sales coach. For example, if the player's honor is high, Madam Nazar will say "What a pure and gentle spirit... I do not trust you."



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