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Maggie Fike is a central character featured in the Moonshiners DLC for Red Dead Online.



Maggie is a moonshiner who supposedly ran the moonshine trade in Lemoyne. She primarily worked with her nephew, Lemuel Fike, and her friend and close associate, Danny-Lee Caton. However, this all came to an end when the illicit business drew the attention of the Bureau of Internal Revenue. A group of agents led by Reid Hixon were tasked with ending their operations, forcing them to constantly change locations, as Hixon would always manage to track them down.

Eventually, in 1892, Hixon cornered Maggie and her partners in Bayou Nwa, where he ordered their shack to be set ablaze and Maggie to be thrown inside. While Danny-Lee managed to escape, Lemuel was captured, and forced to watch his aunt be seemingly burnt alive. Maggie, however, managed to survive by fleeing into the basement, though she still suffered considerable disfigurement after being burnt by the fire.

Events of Red Dead Online

A Life of 'Shine

In 1898, after six years of living as a fugitive and keeping a low profile, Maggie finally decides to resume moonshine production. Her old friend JB Cripps tells her about the protagonist, and she agrees to meet them at the abandoned Emerald Ranch Saloon. There, she introduces herself to the protagonist and persuades them to invest in her revived operation by buying a shack, which unlocks the Moonshiner Role. Before starting, they must also obtain the necessary equipment, and rescue Marcel from outlaws, so that he could oversee their moonshine production.

During this time, Maggie offers the protagonist a series of missions, which see them rescuing Lemuel from a prison transport, sabotaging the Braithwaite family's rival operation, and exacting revenge on Reid Hixon. At the conclusion of these missions, Hixon is killed, allowing the protagonist, Maggie, and Lemuel to produce and sell moonshine freely, without fearing of revenue agents. The protagonist also captures Danny-Lee, who turned to the Braithwaites for employment and protection after the events from six years prior. While she doesn't forgive him, Maggie spares his life, and allows him to leave on the condition she would never have to see his face ever again.



Maggie Fike is a strong and fearless woman, and is not easily intimidated, as demonstrated when a group of rival moonshiners shows up at her shack in an attempt to force her to shut down, none even came close to intimidating Maggie, who quickly waves off their threats. She is very professional when it comes to her moonshine business, which she takes very seriously, and comes to respect the Red Dead Online protagonist for helping her revive the operation. However, Maggie's courage can sometimes transform into stubbornness, especially in her younger days, as she refused to shut down her business in spite of running afoul of revenue agents multiple times, which eventually resulted in its destruction, her nephew's capture, and her own disfigurement. By 1898, she appears to have become a little wiser, and spends more time planning her moves, having seemingly learned from her near-death experience.

Despite her tough personality, Maggie is not without compassion. She clearly loves her nephew, stating that he is all she has in the world, and the first order of business once she revives her moonshine operation is to rescue him from lawmen. Maggie's compassion is again demonstrated when she chooses to spare the life of her former partner Danny-Lee Caton, despite the fact he left to her burn, though she makes it clear she hasn't forgiven him by threatening to kill Danny-Lee, should they cross paths ever again. Maggie also possesses a dry and dark sense of humor, as she purposely shot next to Cripps when he hadn't knocked before entering the abandoned saloon.

Mission Appearances

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  • In spite of her burn scars, Fike and Black Belle have similar facial features, closely resembling one another.
  • Her nickname, “Lightning”, may be a reference to a slang term for moonshine, called “White Lightning”.