Maggie Fike is a major character featured in Red Dead Online.



It is implied that Maggie more or less dominated the moonshining business in Lemoyne. She ran her operations alongside her nephew, Lemuel Fike, and a close associate, Danny-Lee Caton. However, this all came to a stop when the illicit business drew the attention of the Bureau of Internal Revenue. With Agent Reid Hixon tasked with ending their operations, they were forced to move, but whenever they found a new spot, Hixon caught up to them.

Eventually six year before the events of Red Dead Online, Hixon managed to corner them in Bayou Nwa, where he ordered their shack to be set ablaze and had his men throw Maggie inside, subsequently forcing Lemuel to watch before departing.

Maggie, however, managed to survive by fleeing into the basement, though still suffered considerable disfigurement after being scarred from the fire.

Events of Red Dead Online

Maggie is first met at the abandoned Emerald Ranch Saloon upon JB Cripps's prompting, where she will propose the opportunity for the player to join her in setting up a moonshining business. After this conversation, the player can set up a moonshining operation in a shack, where they will complete missions and brew Moonshine.



Maggie Fike is a strong and fearless woman, as she is not easily intimidated as demonstrated when a group of rival moonshiners shows up at her shack in an attempt to force her to shut down, none even came close to intimidating Maggie as she didn't even consider any of them a threat. Despite her tough personality, she is not without compassion as she clearly loves her nephew, stating that he is all she has in the world. This compassion is again demonstrated when Maggie chose to spare the life of Danny-Lee, despite the fact he left to her burn. Maggie also possesses a dry and dark sense of humor, as she purposely shot next to Cripps when he hadn't knocked before entering the abandoned saloon.

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  • In spite of her burn scars, Fike and Black Belle have similar facial features, closely resembling one another.


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