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Magicians for Sport is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission Overview

Arthur and Charles go to track down Trelawny at his rental caravan in Rhodes.


Remembering Trelawny's words about bounty hunters, Arthur goes to speak with Dutch. Dutch, who brushes it off as most likely a rumor, sends Arthur and Charles to go to Rhodes and ask Josiah what he knows. Upon finding him missing, the pair track down two bounty hunters whom have set up camp nearby. After a light scuffle, the pair ride out to a small shack within the Braithwaite family corn fields to find Trelawny and the bounty hunters. The hunters scatter into the nearby field which forces Arthur and Charles to find them. They find and kill the first two but need to go to the barn to finish the last one. After they are dealt with, the pair go back to Trelawny, who says that he told them nothing and that he's gonna need to stay with the gang for a while. Josiah and Charles ride back to camp as the mission ends.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Inspect all the clues in Trelawny’s Caravan.
  • While tracking, stay within 30 feet of the Trelawny’s trail.
  • Kill 2 Bounty Hunters in the cornfields within 1 minute.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

Missable Items in the Mission

Video Walkthroughs



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