Magicians for Sport is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission Overview

Arthur and Charles go to track down Trelawny at his rental caravan in Rhodes.


Remembring Trelawny's warnings about bounty hunters in the area, Arthur goes to speak with Dutch, who brushes it off as most likely a rumor, but nontheless asks him and Charles to go check on Trelawny, as they haven't heard from him for some time. The pair investigate his caravan in Rhodes and find signs of violence, before deducing that he must have been taken by bounty hunters.

Arthur and Charles track Trelawny's trail to the woods, where they find two men - with Trelawny's broken cane next to them. They each subdue one man and interrogate one of them, who informs them that Trelawny is being held at a nearby farm. The pair then find Trelawny and the bounty hunters who kidnapped him within the Braithwaite family's corn fields, but the hunters scatter into the field, forcing Arthur and Charles to find them. After dealing with all three bounty hunters - one of whom was hiding in the barn and shooting at them - Arthur and Charles return to Trelawny, who claims that he told his kidnappers him nothing. He then decides to stay with the gang at their camp for a while, until it's safe to live on his own again. The mission ends with Charles and Trelawny leaving Arthur and riding back to camp.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Inspect all the clues in Trelawny’s Caravan.
  • While tracking, stay within 30 feet of the Trelawny’s trail.
  • Kill 2 Bounty Hunters in the cornfields within 1 minute.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.


  • Several bounty hunters - killed by Arthur and Charles.

Missable Items in the Mission

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