Main Street is a street in the city of Blackwater, featured in Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2. It is located in the Great Plains region of the West Elizabeth territory.


Main Street consists of cobblestone pavements with lamps, along with telephone lines, and many businesses and storefronts. It is teeming with life, as people can be seen walking down the street night and day attending to their business; and serves as the focal point for shops and retailers in the town.


Events of Red Dead Redemption

All missions given by Professor Harold MacDougal begin on the Main Street. The Stranger side-mission "The Prohibitionist" also begins here.

Events of Undead Nightmare

The first phase of the mission "Curious Tales from Blackwater" takes place on the Main Street. The Blackwater Hotel located on the street also serves as Marston's safehouse.



  • Coal and Wood
  • Painter & Decorator
  • Blackwater Law Offices
  • Ship Chandler and Grocer
  • East Indian Tobacco Co.
  • Blackwater Restaurant
  • Elias K. Fitch and Sons Boots & Shoes
  • Blackwater Ledger Newspaper Offices
  • Blackwater Hotel
  • Silver Skillet Cafe
  • Reliable Jewelry
  • Candy Store & Bakery
  • Althewaye Inn
  • Wilton's Barber Shop
  • Photographer



  • It seems to be the most populated street in Blackwater as it has the most buildings and amenities.
    • It is also home to a building that is just being built, though oddly enough no one is seen working on it.


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