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Manicato is a location on the island of Guarma. It appears to be a ruin filled dilapidated port and sub-section of Aguasdulces. Upon completing Hercule Fontaine's tasks, he arranges a boat here for the seperated gang, and ensures a safe passage off Guarma. The player boards the boat here alongside Dutch, Bill, Javier, and Micah to leave the island, and return to New Hanover to the rest of the gang for good.


Manicato is to the North of Aguasdulces. Like most locations on the island, it is patrolled by the Cuban Military as well. Its main feature is a nice tower overlooking the port, which later becomes destroyed by cannon fire as you progress through the story. To the South-East of the tower is a ruined building boasting several cannons and red tent canopies. Further along it is an impressive white colored temple featuring an elegant overgrown fountain and front porch, which has also been lost to the sea elements and ages of war. A tiny gazebo stands atop a hill with a set of stairs to the farthest point south, next to what looks to be a supplies posts with more tent canopies. Lastly, a huge ruined red brick building rests in the central part of the area by the sea.


Manicato was built on Guarma many years ago. Some point prior to 1899, it became the main seat of the Cuban Military along with Aguasdulces.

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  • Unlike all of the other locations on Guarma, Manicato is the only one that isn't named from Spanish origin. Rather, "Manicato" is a word spoken by the real life Taíno Tribe of the caribbean. It stands for a person who is bold, and who shows a great heart of courage.
  • Although the area has a name of its own, Manicato doesn't have a label or landmark on the map.