Manzanita Post Safehouse
Rdr manzanita safehouse
Vital statistics
Game Red Dead Redemption
Location Manzanita Post
Price $400
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The Manzanita Post Safehouse is a cabin the player can purchase at Manzanita Post. In addition to saving the game, the player may change outfits at this Safehouse.


Red Dead Redemption 2

It is the only building in the settlement that can be entered and is home to a Norwegian couple. Both the Norwegian Newspaper Scrap and Norwegian Journal Page can be found here.

Red Dead Redemption

The cabin is located on the western tip of Manzanita Post near the Stagecoach. It is a necessary component to achieve 100% Completion. The safehouse contains two beds, a chest, a fireplace, a pair of snowshoes, moose antler plaque, and a bear-skin rug.


This quaint cabin features a bed where the player can rest and a chest that contains ammo. A large bearskin is spread across the floor as well as plaque antlers hung above the fireplace.

Undead Nightmare

During Undead Nightmare the cabin is, like in multiplayer, boarded up and empty and therefore unusable. It is instead replaced with a small room on the far most left of the General Store.


  • This is the most expensive safehouse in the game, costing $800-$400.
  • Completing the Stranger side-mission "The Prohibitionist" may decrease the price of the safehouse by one half.
  • There is a moose antler plaque hanging over the fireplace and a black bear rug on the ground, even though these animals are not present in the game.
  • There is an ad for this property in The Blackwater Ledger, it reads:
"Small log cabin for sale at the Manzanita Trading Post in Tall Trees. Perfect for a hunter or recluse."
  • The snowshoes hanging on the wall by the chest can be knocked off the peg if the player should bump into them.
  • This safehouse is one of the few that cannot be accessed in multiplayer. There is a board of wood placed on the door to keep it from being opened. The reason for its inaccessibility is unknown.


Acquiring the Manzanita Post Safehouse contributes toward the following achievement/trophy:

100 gamerscoreGamerscore
Gold goldGold
Attain 100% List in the singleplayer game completion list.

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