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Updated map, Using small screen captures of HUD images. Do not repost the map elsewhere Wikia exclusive by the Copyright holder.

A map of three different territories presented to you, the player, in Red Dead Redemption a section at a time after completion of certain missions. The three different territories are New Austin, modeled after the South-Western states, West Elizabeth, modeled after the Great Plains and western mountains, Nuevo Paraiso, modeled after Mexican terrain. The map is actually outdated as seen in the topright corner.

On the map

Many symbols on the map identify many people, places, or things in the territory. Such symbols are:

Others not yet identified:

  • White dot - Unknown

Mini map

There is also a mini map at the player's disposal during gameplay. All symbols on the map will also be on the mini map to aid the player without having to pause the game.

Other maps

(Please post any original maps here, these are edited.)

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