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Purity. That is what they are paying the big price for.

Marcel is a major character featured in Red Dead Online.



Marcel is an old acquaintance of Maggie Fike and JB Cripps. He worked as a chef for Jessica LeClerk but was later kidnapped by a gang of outlaws and forced to serve as a cook for their moonshine operation.

Events of Red Dead Online

Marcel is briefly seen at Jessica LeClerk's camp when Horley returns from having freed the player from custody. Upon Horley's prompting, he finishes preparing stew to be served to them.

A Life of 'Shine

If the player later chooses to begin a moonshine business, they will be tasked by Maggie with rescuing Marcel from a group of outlaws in order to start producing moonshine. After he is rescued, Marcel can be found at the player's moonshine shack, serving as the cook. He manages the deliveries and production-related portion of the operation.

Mission appearances

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