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We're selling dreams, dear boy!
Margaret in "He's British, of Course"

Haywood Margaret is a minor character and a Stranger featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. He initiates the Stranger side-mission "He's British, of Course".



Margaret is an animal wrangler who cross-dresses as a woman during his acts.

When he was younger, his father wanted him to enlist in the army but he refused and thus left England for an opportunity in show-business in America.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

After having many shows in New Hanover, Margaret and his circus was packed up and heading down towards Rhodes.[1] On the way, a dust storm had picked up and against common sense, Margaret continued to have the circus train move on, only to have the wagons overturned, destroyed, and releasing his animals.

Margaret can be encountered in Scarlett Meadows, Lemoyne where he is seen standing beside destroyed wagons and trailers. He informs the player on how his animals-- a zebra, lion, and tiger-- have escaped and are on the loose. The player then agrees to find the creatures and return them to Margaret.

The first animal, a zebra, can be found in southern New Hanover, roaming around the plains. Once captured, the player realizes that the animal is not a zebra but is, in fact, a mule painted with stripes to resemble a zebra.

The second animal, a lion, can be found once the player has located Margaret's young assistant, Sally Nash. Once again, the animal appears to be far less exotic than alluded to and is actually a dog that has been groomed to resemble a lion. The dog, however, has been killed by another of the circus' animals - the tiger (who is actually a cougar).

The third animal encountered turns out to be, not a dog as the player first thought but, an actual lion that can be found at Emerald Ranch. Two farmers pin the barn doors shut, but the protagonist insists the animal is not a real lion. The farmers open the door, and the player enters to search for the lion, who he assumes is another dog. However, the lion jumps from the top of the barn and kills numerous cows and people. Once found, he will grow aggressive on sight, and attack the player, who is then forced to kill it.

Afterwards, Margaret repays the player with a large emerald that, despite being fake, is worth a decent amount. In The New Hanover Gazette, it states that Margaret was distressed by incident and the death of his lion. In addition, the newspaper states that Margaret rumored to have headed back to England, possibly to avoid the consequences of the fatalities caused by his escaped animals.

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