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Marshall Thurwell is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Thurwell is an accountant from Rhodes, who is wanted for theft, fraud and avoiding arrest by the State of Lemoyne.

In order to escape the law, he has set up camp in Tall Trees, West Elizabeth. However, he is first encountered in Bearclaw Camp where he seemingly sought refuge after an encounter with an aggressive bear.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

After following a trail through Tall Trees, John Marston and Sadie Adler come across a destroyed building with a mutilated corpse outside. Sensing their presence, Marshall Thurwell comes out and asks them if the bear is still out there, while Sadie instead claims that she is here to arrest him on the behalf of the State of Lemoyne.

Suddenly, the aforementioned bear comes charges at them, attacking John on the ground. John manages to fight it off and shoots it, while Sadie, stunned, shoots it as it runs away, although the bear manages to escape. With the bear having gone, Sadie turns her attention back to Thurwell, noting that he just sat there when the bear attacked, hoping Sadie and John would die. Sadie then punches Thurwell, knocking him unconscious, and hogties him. Thurwell is put on the back of Sadie's horse, before she and John head to Blackwater to turn Thurwell in.

On their way, the two are confronted by rival bounty hunters, who declare that they, instead, will deliver Thurwell. They are unable to do so, however, as John quickly dispatches them. John and Sadie eventually reach Blackwater, where Sadie drags Thurwell into the police station and tells John that she’ll send his share of the money to on the bank. Thurwell is not seen again.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • After being knocked out by Sadie, his glasses remain on his face for the entire mission. This is likely a developer oversight.
  • At times in game, his surname is misspelled as 'Thurlwell'.
  • Despite being wanted by the state of Lemoyne, he's turned over to the law in Blackwater in West Elizabeth. It is likely that he was extradited to Lemoyne shortly after.