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You might also be looking for the single player Master Hunter Challenges.

Master Hunter Challenges are a class of multiplayer challenge under the Free Roam category. Each rank of each challenge requires the player to accomplish various feats of Hunting. When each rank is completed, the player earns XP and a title.

The challenges are divided into two series, Master Hunter I and Master Hunter II, as detailed below. Challenge tasks can be completed in public or private Free Roam sessions. Each rank of each challenge must be completed before moving on to the next rank.

Master Hunter I

The Master Hunter I challenge is unlocked at multiplayer rank 2.

Rank Description XP Title
1 Kill 5 Deer. 250 Stew Brewer
2 Kill 5 Coyote. 250 Conservationist
3 Kill 5 Wolves. 1 kill must be with a Hunting Knife. 250 Wolf Cryer
4 Kill 5 Cougars. 1 kill must be with a Hunting Knife. 250 The Mauled
5 Kill 5 Elk and 5 Bighorn Sheep. 250 Hunter


  • See the individual pages for each animal, linked above, for general tips on hunting locations and strategies.
  • Rank 3 - Kill four wolves normally, then use a weak revolver (such as the Cattleman Revolver) to shoot a wolf in the leg, then slash it with the hunting knife. In a pinch, using the knife alone on an attacking wolf will also work. Wolf packs often flee en masse when attacked, so be quick.
  • Rank 4 - Find a wagon or stagecoach and drive it to a location with cougars. Kill four cougars from the safety of the vehicle. Wound a cougar with a low powered weapon, then drop down to chase it and finish it off with the knife. Stay close to the vehicle if possible to be able to climb back to safety when needed.

Master Hunter II

Master Hunter Challenge 2.png

The Master Hunter II challenge is unlocked at multiplayer rank 12.

Rank Description XP Title
1 Kill 5 Grizzly Bears. 1 must be with the Hunting Knife 250 Spartan Survival
2 Kill Lobo the Wolf in Barranca. 250 Lycanthropist
3 Kill Gordo the Boar in Greenhollow. 250 Lord of the Flies
4 Kill Khan the Jaguar in Tanner's Reach. 250 Cat Ballyhoo
5 Kill Brumas the Bear in Bearclaw Camp. 250 Master Hunter


  • For ranks 2 through 5, before each of the Legendary Animals will spawn, 10 regular animals must be killed in the same area, without leaving the area.
  • It is helpful to hide in nearby buildings as the animals cannot attack, or find it very hard to attack, while the player is in a building.
  • When going after Khan, steal a large wagon and drive it to Tanner's Reach . The Cougars will not attack the horses or while on the wagon and pick them off in complete safety.
  • Sometimes, the hunting knife will kill a bear with one slash.
  • To kill a bear with a knife, wound it first with a weak pistol and then finish it off with the hunting knife.
  • The hunting knife can be used to attack a bear while the player is riding on a horse. This is useful because the horse can take a bit of the damage from bear attacks, allowing the player to do 'drive-bys' on the bear.


  • Since challenges are reset each time the player passes into Legend, each Legendary Animal can be hunted five times (six including single-player). In multiplayer, you can hunt them in the same locations without going for the challenge as well.