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{{DEFAULTSORT:Stark, Maybell}}[[Category:Redemption Characters]]
|image =Maybell Stark.png
|affiliations =
|race =Caucasian
|gender =Female
|location =Transitory
|family =
|weapon =
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[Characters in Redemption#Random Citizens|minor character]] featured in ''[[Red Dead Redemption]]'' that can be seen in [[Random Encounters]].
Nothing is known about Maybell's background other than the fact that she is a prostitute that works in various locations throughout [[New Austin]] and [[West Elizabeth]].
Maybell can most often be found in [[Armadillo]], where she works as a [[prostitute]] at the [[saloon]]. However, she can also be found working her trade or engaging in a game of [[blackjack]] in areas like [[Blackwater]] and [[Thieves' Landing]].  Another thing to note it that she is the only prostitute that gets kidnapped in Thieves' Landing.
* She bears a slight resemblance to [[Adrienne Lachance]] and [[Ada Hibbs]] the only exceptions being the color of her hair and her clothing.
* Other than being kidnapped she can also be seen getting attacked by a presumably unhappy customer with a [[knife]].The player then has the choice to save her and receive 50 [[Honor]] points and some money or watch her be slashed open and receive nothing.
* In [[Multiplayer]], she can be found at the [[Tesoro Azul]] gang hideout along with various other prostitutes.
* In [[Undead Nightmare]], undead versions of her can be found all throughout various locations of [[New Austin]] and possibly [[West Elizabeth]].
{{DEFAULTSORT:Stark, Maybell}}
[[Category:Redemption Characters]]
[[Category:Minor Characters]]
[[Category:Minor Characters]]

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