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The Meditating Monk is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


When encountered on the edge of the cliff, he appears to be sitting cross-legged with hands folded in his lap and seemingly meditating.


  • His exact location on the map is just south of the "R" in Grizzlies East.
  • Despite being an actual person, he is a Point of Interest.
  • His general demeanor suggests that the person in question is a Tibetan monk, however, it is unconfirmed.
  • Oddly, he seems to be meditating with his eyes open.
  • His surrounding area is labeled as a restriced area in the map, as the game adds the text "Wanted Dead or Alive" next to the cursor. This is because Fort Wallace was placed at this location at some point in development, as can be seen at the bottom of the index menu.



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