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The Megafauna Fossils are a collectible set found in Red Dead Online. They are considered to be precious fossils that date back to millions of years. They can only be found with a Metal Detector.

All six fossils can be sold to Madam Nazar for $321.00, exclusive to players who have the Collector Role.

Collectible Fossils

Fossil Description Image Sell Price
Front Tooth Fossil A rare fossilized front tooth, perhaps belonging to the recently discovered Manospondylus Gigas. Highly prized.
Front Tooth Fossil.png
Serrated Tooth Fossil A rare and jagged fossilized tooth, once belonging to an Allosaurus.
Serrated Tooth Fossil.png
Upper Tooth Fossil A rare fossilized tooth from a Megalodon.
Upper Tooth Fossil.png
Toe Sickle Claw Fossil A rare fossilized claw. Still sharp, it belonged to a genus of Dromaeosauridae.
Toe Sickle Claw Fossil.png
Tail Spike Fossil A rare fossilized tail spike, thought to have belonged to a Stegosaurus.
Tail Spike Fossil.png
Brow Horn Fossil A rare fossilized brow horn, believed to have belonged to a Triceratops.
Brow Horn Fossil.png

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