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The problem is, something such as killing a man becomes mundane in this work.
Mel Thaxton on being a lawman

Mel Thaxton is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Mel is a lawman who operates in the New Austin and Tall Trees regions. He can be frequently found in Armadillo, patrolling the streets with Alden Renshaw.

According to some of his quotes, he's on bad terms with his father and he was likely abused by his father as a child.[1]


Mel is first seen during the mission "Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies", in which he, along with Benton Manning, is guarding Moses Forth in Benedict Point. After John Marston steals the horse of him or his comrade, he abandons his post to give chase, allowing Seth Briars to get to Moses.

Mel can also often be seen wandering the streets of Armadillo, MacFarlane's Ranch, Manzanita Post, and Blackwater. However, if Marston has a bounty, Mel will track him to multiple locations around New Austin and Tall Trees.

Mel Thaxton appears to be the standing lawman of the Armadillo saloon, as he is almost always found in it.

He can also be encountered during the "It Might Help If You Aim" random event, in which he is chasing a criminal along with Hank Bellamy. Marston has the option of either helping the lawmen by shooting the fleeing felon, or helping the felon by killing his pursuers.


The only reason to do this job is the free pokes you get down at the whorehouse.
Mel Thaxton
Saved us doing our jobs and we thank you for it.
Mel Thaxton after the player helps him
If my daddy had hurried up and died earlier, I might have been able to find a better pursuit.
Mel Thaxton
The Marshal’s an idiot, that’s this place’s problem.
Mel Thaxton complaining about Marshal Johnson
Mel Thaxton during gunfights
There is no need for this sir! You can let me go!
Mel Thaxton when hogtied
This is all my daddy’s fault, I’ll be rid of the job soon though, I hope.
Mel Thaxton complaining about his father.
I'mma quit this job and live the easy life.
Mel Thaxton conversing about his life.
I heard the Marshal shares his bed with young Mexican boys.
Mel Thaxton gossiping about the Marshal Leigh Johnson.
I got a nose for falsehoods, mind.
Mel Thaxton responding to a conversation.
I'm awake you asshole, no thanks for your dull company!
Mel Thaxton arguing with Benton Manning
What a terrible place, not even a Saloon.
Mel Thaxton complaining about Benedict Point
Whoever built you knew what he were doing.
Mel Thaxton greeting a woman.
This whole organization stinks! And the Marshal's to blame.
Mel Thaxton complaining about Marshal Johnson
I never wanted to be the law, Daddy…
Mel Thaxton when injured.
I sure hope that the federals will take over so I can put my feet up.
Mel Thaxton in a conversation.
Please, don’t make me go to work.
Mel Thaxton when threatened.
I hate my life!
Mel Thaxton when drunk


  • His character model is available for use in the Outfitter under the name RJ Peart.
  • Upon further inspection, the player can see that Mel has a small knife strapped to his left leg. He can be seen cleaning or inspecting his knife at a campsite in Manzanita Post, similar to Monroe Carver.
  • Occasionally, in the Armadillo saloon, he can be heard complaining about Marshal Johnson.
  • In Undead Nightmare he can be seen on a loading screen in Tall Trees.
  • He wears the same outfit as Phillip Ross, only that his outfit is recolored.
  • Mel is one of the only law officers, aside from Blackwater's cop force, who will engage in conversations with other NPCs.



  1. Mel Thaxton: "This is all my daddy's fault, I will get rid of the job soon, no I hope." - "If my daddy would hurry up and die earlier, I may find a better pursuit." - "Okay daddy, you win."

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