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Meredith Buckley is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Meredith lives in Annesburg with her mother. Her father is or was a miner.[1] Misfortune struck when Meredith and a few others from her stagecoach were attacked and abducted by the Murfree Brood. They were taken to Beaver Hollow, where the Murfrees locked her in a small cage while torturing, murdering and mutilating the other captives. Meredith was mercilessly terrorized and raped by the gang for days on end.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Dutch van der Linde sends Arthur Morgan and Charles Smith to Beaver Hollow, so that they can clear out the area and move the gang's camp there, in an attempt to flee the authorities. The duo infiltrate the cave, slaughtering the Murfrees, until reaching the bottom of the cave where they find a traumatized Meredith locked in a cramped, wooden cage.

Greatly disturbed after her time in captivity, Meredith becomes terrified at the sight of the pair approaching her cage, and screams at them to stay away from her. Arthur manages to calm her down, and, after reassuring her they are there to help her, Arthur takes Meredith back to her home in Annesburg. Meredith's mother is extremely grateful to Arthur for saving her daughter, and offers him money for his kind deed.

Mission appearances

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After being raped, tortured and terrorized by the Murfree Brood, Meredith is a traumatized and fearful young woman. However, before being kidnapped, Meredith is implied to have had an innocent and naïve personality, as she had no comprehension of how and why some people can be so evil, twisted and heinous.


Meredith is a fair skinned young woman with blue eyes and thick brown hair. As a captive of the Murfree brood, Meredith has a malnourished and filthy appearance. Her hair is disheveled, there are bags under her eyes and her skin is covered in dirt all over, with visible streaks trailing down her dirtied cheeks due to crying. She is seen wearing a tattered white gown, which is equally as filthy.


  1. The game's end credits refer to Meredith's mother as "A Miner's Wife".