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  • Hello.

    I noticed you recently added Archibald Jameson to Heston Jameson's family section as his "brother" and vice-versa, citing "hidden dialogue" featured in the mission "Visiting Hours". Would you be able to provide a source where this dialogue is included?

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    • Hi !

      During the mission "The Gilded Cage", I spoke to Heston Jameson and therefore Arthur knows him ! In the basic form of "Visiting Hours" when Milliken pronounces Jameson's name, Arthur doesn't know who Jameson is. But when you have ever met him, the dialogues change. (I'm sorry but I'm french so the subtitles are in french... ) 

      Visiting Hours - Hidden Dialogue 1
      Visiting Hours - Hidden Dialogue 2
      1 - Arthur recognizes Heston. (in the basic mission Arthur says something like "Jameson who ?")

      2 - "Oui... pas son frère, Archibald..." - "Yes.. not his brother, Archibald"

      After saying it, Milliken confirmed that Archibald is the owner of Annesburg's mine.

      Sorry if I made some english mistakes, it's not my natural language.. 

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    • Good to see. Thank you for being able to show where you found the specific mention. That's a fairly interesting find, I hadn't known of the change in dialogue either.

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  • Hi, I'm an admin for the Red Dead Wiki community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to Charles Smith!

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