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  • miller has massive ears, and a flat brow. their facial hair are massively different, and their facial structures are hardly similar. not only that, but again miller is hardly the only outlaw with a reputation for kind manners, and he doesnt even wear a top hat. where do you get off saying they are mirror images? you are a wild man, fuming at the removal of a vagrant opinion. shame on you.

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    • I understand that the term "mirror image" is misused, but you can't rationally deny that there are similarities. Anyone who's informed can take one look at Mo and know straight away this character's concept is derived from Jim Miller, for whatever it's worth.

      Feel free to reword the line however you see fit until it works for you. Otherwise I guess there's no changing your mind about this. You wanna ask an admin to make the split decision for us?

      It's worth noting that this wiki has been overhauled afew times over the years, mainly having trivia sections gutted, and this line about Jim Miller has survived every cut so far. I know, I've checked.

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