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    Heyo! I'm The Supreme Argonian, or just Supreme. I've been on FANDOM since 2016, and I'm a part of The Elder Scrolls Fandom, the Red Dead Fandom and the Starfield Fandom, which I founded.

    I'm a British Catholic homosexual. Herbert must hate me.

    I was born and raised in Manchester, in the United Kingdom. I have English, Spanish and Argentine heritage, but consider myself British above all.

    I'm a secondary school student studying Drama, French, Music, History and of course everything in the English Baccalaureate. My favourite subjects are History and Drama, but I'm best at French. I'm part of the school debate club, and am also a librarian.

    In the future I hope to go into acting on television, but if that doesn't work out I'd also like to become an activist promoting conservative ideas.

    I enjoy reading, with my favourite books being the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman and the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. I like gaming, and my favourite games are the Red Dead Redemption games and The Elder Scrolls. I play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360. I also absolutely love the Walking Dead telly series. It's just pure fucking gold (also Chandler Riggs is hot uwu).

    I haven't been editing a lot recently, but when I do I tend to work on cleaning up articles on The Elder Scrolls Fandom or Red Dead Fandom or doing whatever needs doing, of which there is a lot, on the Starfield Fandom. I love the Discussions community on The Elder Scrolls Fandom, and it's led me to join the wider TES community and make some real friends. That said, I seem to do a good job of annoying the Discussions Moderators on The Elder Scrolls Fandom!

    If you'd like to contact me, you can use my talkpage, Kik (The_Supreme_Argonian) or Instagram (@the.supreme.argonian). My Instagram is a TES-themed account, so feel free to check it out! You can also mssage me on Discord: The Supreme Argonian#7765

    If you're interested in the upcoming Bethesda game Starfield, you can head on over to the Starfield Fandom and help us get it fully set up for the release of the game. Contact me or Atvelonis for more details, or if you'd like to join the Starfield Discord.

    I plan on adding some quotes here in the future, so keep an eye out if you have nothing better to do. I'll also add some links to interesting posts of mine and other people's.

    Happy editing and discussing!

    The Elder Scrolls Fandom 'Build of the Month' competition:

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  • "Chandler riggs is hot uwu"

    I love everything about that.

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  • First off, hello. I believe I've seen you on a few other wikis but we haven't had occasion to speak up until now as far as I remember. Now, in regards to a recent discuss post you just chymed in on and locked, Rescuing Sean... I think you've misunderstood exactly what was going on, so I'll explain it for you as I understand it. A vision impaired user, Blind gta, made a criticism about a certain stealth section leading up to a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The way he worded one of his subsiquent replies, at first I interpreted it as him having a fit, which in hindsight seemed very unlike him since I had been following his activity in discuss, though we did clear this misunderstanding up later in the discussion. In response to this, I sighted the impracticality of him, given his condition, being able to competently critic the premise and execution of a stealth section in the first place. In the chain of replies that followed we touched on the subject further. This was not an argument, it was a respectfull and civil discussion about the rationality of my view, and another user Coram's rebuttle that everyone is entitled to their own opinion regardless of their perspective. By the end, everyone else in the discussion knew exactly what point I was trying to make and recognized, more or less, that the reasoning behind it was not without merit even if they themselves did not agree with it. Just as I hold Coram's view to be valid aswell and made no attempt to discredit it. I was carefull and always respectfull with my wording, handled the topic as delicately as I could manage, and the other users recognized that I was being as respectfull and civil as possible and we ended the discussion on good terms. I invite you to simply ask Coram and Blind gta if they believe anything I have said here to be contrary to what actually happened. And then you came along quite literally weeks later and accuse me of toxic behavior and threaten to ban me? When I made it quite clear to the other users involved in the discussion that I was not trying to offend and apologized any time what I said could have been interpreted in such a way? When I have never said or done anything with even vaugely toxic leanings over the course of 5 years on the Red Dead wiki, or any other wiki in all of Fandom for that matter? Why? Because you misinterpreted the theme and context of an enlightened and respectfull discussion you were not even apart of? Did you just skim the discussion and draw your own rushed conclussion? Because then I would be able to understand that you must have a stressfull workload moderating several wikis and do not have the time or are too jaded at this point to thoroughly review every discussion. But if you seriously read every line thoroughly, paid any real attention to the tone and context of the discussion we had, and still came to the conclusion that I was being toxic, then with all due respect I have serious concerns about your competency as a moderator, and I may voice my concerns through the according channels depending on your response to this inquiry. I hope to hear back from you soon.

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    • I tried to post this reply the other day, but for some reason it does not appear to have gone through, at least on my end or in the wiki activity feed. However I saved my draft so I will post it again.

      Thank you for finally getting back to me. First off, I did not lie. Why would I lie? To what end? The discussion has date stamps and is itself a transcript. It may have been just one week from the last follow up post, but the entire timeframe from the beginning of the discussion to your locking the post was two weeks. My claim that you came along weeks later is correct, but I suppose we are arguing semantics there. Anyway that's beside the point.

      This first comment you've sighted, while you are correct in not holding it to the standard of civil conduct, you are still quoting it out of context as it was a contextual reaction matching the tone of Blind gta's previous comment (the one in which his critisism of the stealth section's premise occured), in which I have already stated that I interpreted as him having a fit, for obvious reasons given the wording and tone of his previous comment being identical to a rage post, which I am sure you have seen plenty of. This was a misunderstanding that me and him cleared up later in the conversation. My exact words, within the context of believing he was having a fit and with the assumption that his condition had skewed his perspective on the topic (the stealth section), were "You know exactly what you are up against, so don't complain. Soldier on and overcome the challenge" This was and is quite plainly not a put down but, for lack of a better term, a pep-talk. I can only assume something is lost in translation given the fact that you are just staring at text on a screen and not actually hearing me say these words, but who puts you down and then encourages you in the next sentence? How is that bullying? Neither Blind gta or Coram sighted this quote as being outright insensitive, they instead challenged my point that his condition was a deciding factor in his opinion of the topic. And I don't believe they would have held back if they did see it as bullying. I remain skeptical of your ability to properly discern the nature of such comments.

      Also the notion that I reacted innapropriately to his request for help is entirely invalid. I was the first commenter, I helped him to the best of my ability in the moment, I gave him my input on how to get to the mission start point (admittedly my knowledge of the map was a little rusty at the time and may have been erronious). It was only after that I looked at the user's name and remembered who I was speaking too and that his condition does indeed complicate the issue of getting to the mission start. And after his next comment I reacted to what I thought was a rage post. I've already covered that. My reaction which sparked this controversy was not to his request for help, it was to his reply and was entirely applicable.

      As for the second comment you've sighted, you have again misquoted me, this time by adopting tunnel vision on the highlighted sentence and disregarding my post in it's entirety. Furthermore, the fact that I used Blind gta's condition to discredit his criticism in the first place, while it did not have any relation to the topic of the post, it became the subject of a conversation that three entirely willing Fandom users were having while remaining within Fandom's terms of conduct for the entirety of the discussion after the initial misunderstanding had been cleared up. If changing the topic mid-discussion is against Fandom's policies, even when all parties involved are engaged and intent on seeing it through and remain respectfull as they do it, then I feel the system is imperfect and defeats the purpose of what a discuss is, but I will respect that it is against the guidelines in the future and try not to mention anything not directly related
      to the game. However, I feel that changing the topic mid-discussion, even to something not related to the wiki's subject, is no real offense as having an engaged conversation is what discuss is for.

      And the fact that I did use his condition to discredit his opinion on a stealth section is not outside the realm of reason, even if it is difficult to hear. A point that the other users understood, even if they didn't like it. I worded my subsiquent responses to traverse the controversial subject matter as delicately as possible while reiterating my point, and the other users acknowledged this. If anything I said came across as insensitive, the fact that I apologized repeatedly for it throughout the discussion should, at least in my understanding of how human beings speak to eachother, eliminate any trace of braisen insensitivity or hostility. And judging from Blind gta and Coram's responses, I believe it certainly did. Therefore I believe that your own interpretation of each of my comments you've highlighted is unfounded, even if you truly believe you were operating at your fullest capacity.

      I no longer consider you to have acted unprofessionally, though I am reluctant to consider this matter closed, as I feel I have just struck down every rebuttle you have made and left the issue of your competency unresolved. Also, I do believe in the last sentence of your reply you have unjustly threatened me again, albeit in a much more passive way. I do not intend to get mixed up in "any more problems", but regardless I should hope you don't go looking for any problems where there are none.

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    • Myself as well as other staff members have reviewed over the post, and we have all see clear evidence of aggression, or at the very least behavior that we would rather not have on the discussions. Argo has already gone over that evidence. While I do understand your point about context, and we are glad that Blind GTA and Coram haven't complained about it yet, we do still feel that we'd rather not have situations like that arise at all. I feel if everyone had toned down and thought about it, the discussion could have gone much better and been a prime example of how to have a civil discussion. I'm not sure whether or not you have read over out discussion guidelines, but we do infact have a rule about deraling threads. While it is allowed to a certain degree, for the most part you must still stay on the topic of the original post, even if all people involved have no problem which switching topics. If you would like to talk about these kind of things we do have a Monthly Off topic Discussion where you may talk about almost anything, Red Dead related or not. I would like to hope that we could end this debate, and leave you off with just a warning that we don't tolerate aggressive behavior, even though you didn't have intent to come off in that tone, staff certainly did see it that way. Argo has apologized for his harsh tone in responding to the post which I appreciate as it was a valid point of yours. I hope this doesn't discourage you from being involved in the wiki and it's Discussions, as you have done all of this in a very professional manner and your have shown a clear amount of effort put into your posts.

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  • Just saw The Supreme leader here get rid of some Troll who was talking about Hitler being in Red Dead redemption 2. Im so glad we got dudes like this making sure all the discussions are kept in order and not just a bunch of junk or lies. So nice job Supreme Argonian...nice job. :)

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  • This is a message about my post being locked, it didn't seem to violate any guidelines and had enough context without going into spoilers. So I am just asking why it was locked? (Kelis98 (talk) 17:32, November 8, 2018 (UTC))

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    • Ah, I see you had posted a poll. I was on mobile at the time and it just appeared as a title. I've unlocked it now, terribly sorry.

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  • As per discussion with you and Bureaucrat Jack, I'm approving the idea of granting you blocking rights as part of your role to moderate Discussions. -- User:Raziel Reaper (Talk To MeEdits ) 18:11, November 6, 2018 (UTC)

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  • How i find mary linton in saint denis playing as john? She don't appear and i want to do 100% (i am brazilian, sorry for english)

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  • Hi, I'm an admin for the Red Dead Wiki community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to Vincente de Santa!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Enjoy your time at Red Dead Wiki!

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