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Meteor House is a location in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online, in the Roanoke Ridge region of the New Hanover territory.

This location is situated east of Brandywine Drop and north of Roanoke Valley.


The Meteor House is a cabin on a cliff that overlooks Roanoke Valley in Roanoke Ridge, New Hanover.

This point of interest features a stone cottage and a small outhouse behind it. Surrounding the house are things such as a shovel, a bundle of firewood, barrels and other gardening tools. The property is encircled by a wooden fence.

Although the cottage appears normal from the outside, the inside is very different. A broken dining table, a collection of human remains, a hole in the roof and floor and a broken support beam show that a meteorite crashed into the cabin while the inhabitants were eating a meal. The dent in the floor emits a plume of grey smoke into the air, surrounded by blood, two severed legs, intestines and a chunk of flesh.


  • The meteorite can be found in the hole in the floor. It reduces the player's exposition damage to hot temperatures by 10%.[1]
  • The Cigarette Card of Hattie Langtry can be found on top of a table inside the shack.
  • Fine Brandy can be found on a coffee table near the front door.
  • Ground Coffee is sitting on a shelf at the rear of the cottage.
  • Canned Salmon and Canned Vegetable can be found on top of a cabinet at the back of the cabin.
  • Hair Pomade can be found inside the wardrobe.


  • This location is one of the many Points of Interest that can be found across the map.
  • A meteor shower[1] can be contemplated in the skies over the cabin's surroundings during the night, as an easter egg. A newspaper article also confirms that such an event can be expected by the player in-game, although the article gives no clue of the exact place or time to look for it.



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