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Meteorite is a points of interest in Red Dead Redemption 2.


It appears that a meteorite has crashed in Roanoke Valley. The land around it is deformed by its impact, with trees flattened in a circular pattern around the meteorite itself. This creates a vaguely unsettling atmosphere, as does the thought that such a large hunk of stone once lingered among the stars. Despite the potential wealth of minerals that are sometimes found in meteorites, no one seems to have yet staked a claim to this particular one, even though a newspaper article announced widely about it.


  • The Roanoke Ridge meteorite, its impact crater, and the effects of the impact are likely a reference to the Tunguska Event, a mysterious explosion, that occurred in 1908 in Siberia, Russia. The 10-30 megaton blast, either obliterated or knocked down over 80 million trees within a vast area of 830 square miles. Because no meteorites have been found associated with the crater, the cause of the Tunguska Event is still debated.
    • The Roanoke Ridge meteorite may also be a reference to Sikhote-Alin, another explosive event that also occurred in Russia, but in 1947 in the far southeastern maritime provinces. Like Tunguska, the Sikhote-Alin event was an explosive air burst that toppled trees, and caused chaos for the surrounding villages. However Sikhote-Alin is known to have been caused by an meteor, since artists at the time drew the event, and the mid-air explosion of the incoming meteor, caused iron meteorite debris to rain down into the forest, where they have been collected for years. In addition,the meteorite in the center of the Roanoke Ridge crater, is identical in appearance to a typical iron meteorite, especially the Sikhote-Alin meteorite.


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