¡ Por el honor de México !

–Famous battle cry of the Mexican Army

The Mexican Army is a faction in Red Dead Redemption.


The Mexican Army (Spanish: Ejército Mexicano) is the land branch, and the largest of the Mexican military services; it is also known as the National Defense Army. The Mexican Army is famous for having been the first army to adopt and use an automatic rifle (the Mondragón rifle) in 1899, and the first to issue automatic weapons as standard issue, in 1908.

The motto of the Mexican Army is "Siempre leales," which translates to "Always loyal."


Red Dead Redemption

John Marston first comes across the Mexican Army during the mission "Civilization at any Price", which is led by Colonel Agustin Allende, Major Raul Zubieta, Captain Vincente de Santa, Captain Espinoza and overseen entirely by General Ignacio Sanchez.

Marston agrees to help the Army fight the Rebels throughout Mexico, in return Colonel Agustin Allende tells Marston that while Marston fights alongside the Army, the Army will search for their leader, Abraham Reyes, which in turn will lead them to Javier Escuella, which is the reason why Marston is in Mexico.

While in Mexico, John Marston helps the Army fight the Rebels, until Captain De Santa tells John they have captured Javier Escuella; De Santa tells Marston that Escuella is being held in the local church in Chuparosa. Upon arriving in Chuparosa, the Army attacks Marston and prepares to execute him. Just as the Army prepares Marston for execution, Abraham Reyes alongside his Rebels attack Captain Espinoza and his troops. After releasing Marston, the rebels continue to attack the soldiers until Colonel Agustin Allende and the remainder of his soldiers are killed. This is the last mission Marston fights for the Mexican Army.

General Ignacio Sanchez, his top ranking officers, and his Army are eventually overthrown by Reyes' Rebels. After Marston leaves Mexico, this is the last mission directly involving the Mexican Army.

Undead Nightmare

In Undead Nightmare, Mexican Army soldiers can be seen defending El Presidio. A group of survivors can be seen inside the fort, being protected by the soldiers. Some soldiers will put up Missing Persons posters. They can also be found among the stranded survivors in El Matadero and Torquemada.


The Mexican Army will attack the player if they commit a crime in Mexico, with Casa Madrugada being the only exception - as it is controlled entirely by the Banditos.

Known Members

Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer


  • The Mexican Army will chase the player, if the player's bounty is high enough. The player will know that the Mexican Army is chasing them if a hinted message pop-up reading: "The Mexican Army has found your trail" appears, similar to the U.S. Marshals - found outside of Mexico.
  • After the Mexican Army betrays John Marston, they will return to neutral and will not attack the player - unless a crime is committed.
  • In many areas of Mexico (notable exceptions being Torquemada and El Matadero), soldiers are replaced by Rebels as the main law enforcement.
  • The Mexican Army is seen to be very corrupt, officers and soldiers are seen brutalising civilians and raping women. Captain Espinoza once leads an attack on Tesoro Azul, killing unarmed residents and razing the buildings to the ground.
  • Mexican soldiers can often be seen committing summary executions on back trails of Mexico.
  • When John enters Mexico in 1911, the Mexican Revolution was ongoing.
  • The Mexican Army does not have a section in the Outfitter. However, two soldiers, Jose Rodriguez and Juan Vargas, appear in the Miscellaneous Mexicans section.
  • In multiplayer, if you commit a crime in Cochinay, strangely, the Mexican Army comes.
  • The Mexican Army and Reyes' Rebels experience a role reversal in the game, at the beginning, the Mexican Army and the Federales are the authority in Nuevo Paraíso and and the Rebels are in hiding. By the end, the Rebels become the law enforcement in Mexico and the Army are in hiding, notably in Torquemada and El Matadero.


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